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What Kind of Cuban Coffee does Khloe Drink?

Often, celebrities’ choice affects ours, especially when you are a die-hard fan. You see a celebrity using a product and then get interested in it. No wonder many brands use celebrities as brand ambassadors for their product promotion.

cortadito coffee

In one of the episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Khloe and Kim Kardashian tried cortaditos Cuban coffee, and Khloe went haywire for this coffee. If you’ve ever wondered what is so particular about this Cuban coffee, this article will explain it in detail.

Are you a fan of robust taste and uniqueness? Then read this article to the end.


Cortadito Cuban Coffee

Cortadito is a robust Cuban version of Cortado. It is an espresso mixed with steamed milk, sugar and cotton foam. The coffees are known to be particularly strong and served in a glass. However, the International Bakery Cuban Dulceria serves theirs in a yellow foam cup. This Cuban coffee blew up after the Khloe Kardashian cortadito episode blew up on a live show and endorsed it as delicious. She admitted to hunting for more shops that sell this beverage. After this, fans of the show got hyped up to taste Khloe’s favourite coffee.

A place in Carrollton, Texas, known as the International Bakery Cuban Dulceria, reports that they didn’t know why their customers suddenly started asking for this coffee until they went online and found out about the episode and Khloe’s obsession.

Khloe stopped hunting cortadito when she lost the key to the scooter she took for one of her cortadito missions around 5 am. However, her fans never stopped asking for this Cuban coffee in coffee shops.


How to Make Cortadito Coffee


  • Filtered water
  • Cuban coffee
  • White sugar
  • Steamed milk

Step 1: 

Add water to the bottom half of your traditional Cuban coffee maker, add your finely ground coffee and gently tap with the back of a spoon. Screw back the top firmly, then brew coffee on medium heat for about 3-5minutes.

Step 2: Once the coffee has finally gone through brewing, mix it with sugar until you get your desired texture.

Step 3: Pour your coffee into the creamer and stir until you get a thin foam.

Step 4: Pour in a glass or coffee cup.

Step 5: Pour warm steamed milk to measure a 50:50 coffee to milk ratio.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Tips to remember:

  • You can steam your milk if you have a handy machine or use microwave-warmed dairy, although there’s a slight change in the result.
  • Cortaditos are extremely sweet, but you can adjust the sweetener to your taste.
  •  You can prepare your coffee with any method of your choice.
  • You can use any milk of your choice as long as it is sweetened.
  • Don’t be scared to get creative with your flavours. You can use flavoured milk, a touch of cardamom, or syrup to switch things up.


How to Drink a Cortadito

Cortadito is a tremendous conversational beverage. It would help if you enjoyed its flavour to the fullest by sipping it slowly while you chat, play subtle games, read a book or watch a show. If you are a light coffee taker, get a milkier cup, such as a flat white.


Other Types of Cuban Coffee

This “celebrity coffee” is just one out of many Cuban coffees around. Others are;


Cuban colada is a sweet caffeinated drink that is full of passion. It is known as the customary drink for work breaks. A large-sized colada comes with thimble-sized plastic shot glasses for sharing.

Cuban Espresso

This sweetened espresso shot is twice as strong as the average American coffee. It is an art and flavour as well as a social and cultural activity, not just a beverage.

You can make it by mixing finely ground dark roast with sugar. It is from it that we have cortadito, colado and cafe con leche.


This coffee contains a strong espresso mixed with hot evaporated milk. It is an excellent caffeine dose to start your day and a great one to grace your evening.

Cortadito vs Flat White

Cortadito and flat white have the same amount of espresso in them. However, the milk ratio differs. The milk content in flat white is higher than that in cortadito. Flat white is an excellent option for those who are light-caffeinated but still want to enjoy the greatness of cortadito. Steam a more significant portion of milk when preparing a cortadito and switch it to a flat white.



Is Cortadito Cuban coffee?

Cortadito is a famous Cuban coffee that is traditionally known as a morning coffee, evening coffee or generally as a dessert. It became a “celebrity coffee” after Khloe Kardashian took it on a show and got addicted.

What is the Difference Between a Cortado and a Cortadito?

Cortado is a Spanish drink with a 50:50 ratio of pure espresso and steamed milk. On the other hand, Cortadito is a Cuban espresso made with pre-sweetened espresso and steamed milk. A Cortadito’s ratio can be 75:25 espresso and milk ratio or 50:50.

Where did Khloe Kardashian Get Cuban Coffee in Miami?

Khloe and Kim Kardashian tried cortado on an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, after which the co-owners and sisters, Rita and Sara of the International Bakery Cuban Dulceria in Carrollton, Texas, started to record mad sales on it.


Final Words

Cortadito coffee transitioned from being a barely known coffee to a “celebrity coffee” after Khloe blew it up on a show in Miami. This shot of espresso and steamed milk is an integral part of the Cuban community because you can find it in any La Carreta Cafes.

The beverage is one of the healthiest coffees, with little fat or cream. Please grab a cup on the go or make it in the comfort of your space according to your taste and specialty.



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