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How Many People Drink Black Coffee?

There are different ways to enjoy coffee, ranging from adding sweeteners, creamers and flavours. However, some people still prefer the blandness of black coffee to the use of any additive.

Black coffee is a well-known beverage that serves as a base for many other coffee-based drinks worldwide. Even with black coffee’s low calories, it still contains caffeine and numerous nutrients and has many health benefits.  However, there are some misconceptions as to why people drink black coffee.

drink black coffee

This article shall explain what black coffee contains, how to prepare black coffee, its benefits and downsides, as well as a general overview of people who drink black coffee.


What is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is a coffee brewed without additives such as milk, cream, flavours or sugar. When you want to make black coffee, roasted coffee beans are ground and soaked in water. When the grounds get into the water, it releases their caffeine, colour, nutrients and caffeine in the water. You can either take it hot or drop some ice in it to make it iced coffee.

There are varieties of black coffee, and it depends on how the beans are roasted and the places where they were planted.


How to Make Black Coffee

The two ingredients needed to prepare black coffee are coffee grounds and water. Pick up any coffee of your choice and proceed to design it in some ways such as;

French Press

Allow your ground coffee and hot water to steep in a pitcher. Allow the brewed coffee to come up and trap the grounds below with a plunger to get the best of your coffee flavour.

Instant Coffee

This coffee does not need the grounds separated after being added to water. All you need to do is pour the content into the water, and you are good to go.


This method is a standard method for espresso. You make it by putting coffee and water in the bottom channel of a two-chambered pot on the stove. Brewed coffee absorbs water in the upper chamber as the boiling water forces itself up through the grounds.

Pour Over or Drip

This method, also known as filter coffee, involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a paper filter. The water drains into the coffee and filters into your coffee cup or mug. The pour/over style is familiar with countertop coffee pots.

Cold Brew

Cold brew is often higher in caffeine due to its long brewing period compared to a hot mixture.

You make it by leaving the mixture of water and coffee grounds in a refrigerator for an extended period, preferably overnight. When you take it out, you can strain it with a filter, French press or cheesecloth.

Iced Coffee

This type of black coffee works with any other method. All you need to do is serve your coffee over ice, and there you have it!


Black Coffee Benefits

drinking black coffee


Being awake and alert is one of the most popular benefits of coffee. People who want to work overnight or students who need to read overnight then turn to coffee to stay awake and alert.

Caffeine in black coffee is a stimulant that excites the nerves in the brain, stimulating the release of adrenaline that increases blood flow, heart rate and energy production.

Weight Loss

Research shows that caffeine can enhance fat burning by 10% in obese people and nearly 30% in those with average weight.

Although drinking black coffee cannot solely solve obesity issues, it goes a long way.

Heart Health

Caffeine acts as a vasodilator and widens blood cells. By implication, it improves blood flow and circulation.

Long-term drinking of coffee also can lead to lower blood pressure.


Caffeine is often one of the ingredients for most over-the-counter headache and migraine pills.

A cup of black coffee might just quickly cure your headache.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Different kinds of cancer, such as prostate cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer and other forms of cancer chances can be reduced by drinking black coffee.

Brain Function

When we are tired, we tend to develop “brain fog.” Not only does coffee keep us energised and awake, but it also positively helps with attention span, memory performance, cognitive function and motor function.

Drinking black coffee also improves the speed at which the brain processes information.


Black Coffee Drinkers’ Personality

It’s no joke that what we eat defines us most of the time. In a survey described by Dr Durvasular’s book titled “You are what you eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change your life.” Participants got questions about their approaches to different scenarios. The conclusion is that people’s personalities go hand-in-hand according to their food type.

A black coffee drinker is likely to be a person that is;

  • More efficient
  • Patient
  • Keep things simple
  • Have balanced mood

Researchers also concluded that black coffee drinkers might exhibit some not-so-good behaviours, such as;

  • Selfishness
  • Abrupt and dismissive
  • Quiet and moody
  • Maybe a psychopath



How Long does Black Coffee Keep you Awake?

According to the FDA, black coffee can help you stay awake for about four to six hours. However, there are ways to prepare black coffee to stay awake. So, if your goal is to take coffee to be alert and productive, black coffee might be a saver.

What Percentage of People Drink Coffee?

Coffee is undoubtedly the most popular beverage in the world. Over 1billion people consume coffee daily worldwide, with Finland being the world’s biggest coffee consumer. Coffee is so essential in Finland that two minutes coffee breaks are legal for all Finish workers.

What Percentage of the World Likes Black Coffee?

About a quarter( 24%) of coffee drinkers love to have their coffee straight without additives.


Final Words

Coffee is one of the most healthy beverages, especially without additives. It has many health benefits that you might consider.


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