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What Is Texas Pecan Coffee?

Many people throughout the globe take coffee first thing after waking up. It is common for coffee lovers to make their morning cup of coffee tastier by adding sweeteners. The most preferred additives include milk, creamer, flavors, and sugar. But have you ever thought of adding pecans to your brew? If you crave to drink nutty coffee, pecan coffee is what you’re probably missing. So what is Texas Pecan Coffee? Keep reading to find out.

texas pecan coffee

Introduction to Texas Pecan Coffee

Pecans are nuts native to the American region. Texas is among the main producers of pecans. They are recognized as healthy nuts. Pecans were among the few items that early Apollo missions took to space. On the other hand, coffee is ranked as the second most traded commodity globally. Only oil beats it. There are many varieties of coffee grown today, with Arabica and Robusta coffee being the most commonly grown coffees.

But what is Texas Pecan Coffee? Well, combining coffee with the best pecans in the world would make your coffee rich sweet, and nutty with a butter flavor. That is what Texas Pecan Coffee offers you. Texas pecans are the best pick you can find today. Texas Pecan Coffee is prepared by infusing roasted coffee beans with pecan nuts and grinding them together. What you get is a satisfying and smooth coffee-drinking experience.

Texas Pecan Coffee Production

Pecan coffee is one of the most preferred beverages among Texans. Whenever you search for these beans on the Internet, most of the results will feature this specialty coffee. Production of this coffee involves adding real Texan pecan nuts to roasted coffee beans and grinding them together. Many pecan plantations and farmers in Texas produce pecan coffee. You can get real pecan coffee from them. Also, you can get real pecan coffee from some online stores.

Also, many artisan or specialty coffee roasters produce pecan coffee. However, some use pecan nut flavorings and extracts to make pecan coffee, especially if they don’t have fresh pecans. Although this is absolutely okay, you can only experience the best of Texas pecan coffee by brewing with coffee infused with real pecan nuts.

How to Choose Authentic Texas Pecan Coffee

When buying pecan coffee, check whether it contains pecan flavors or real pecan nuts. Authentic Texas Pecan Coffee only contains two ingredients including Texas pecan nuts and coffee beans. If the ingredients include pecan flavoring, then you are getting a raw deal.

Some roasters use pecan flavorings to make pecan coffee to minimize production costs for more profits. If you’re unable to find authentic pecan coffee, then choose the option with natural pecan flavorings instead of artificial flavorings.

How is Texas Pecan Coffee Packaged?

Pecan coffee is typically packed in standard coffee bags containing one-way valves for proper degassing. Although coffee packaging features many shapes and designs, they are primarily made from a combination of different materials including aluminum, PET, paper, and LDPE. It is important to use proper packaging to ensure that the pecan coffee maintains its freshness.

How to Store Texas Pecan Coffee

You should store pecan coffee properly to retain its maximum flavor and freshness. Keep it away from these elements: light, air, moisture, and heat. If possible, put your fresh beans in an opaque and sealable container. The jar should be placed in dark cabinet. Also, note that beans lose some of their subtle flavors and notes over time. They retain most of their freshness for 2 to 3 weeks.

We recommend you source your pecan coffee directly from a local roaster. That way, you’re more likely to get a freshly roasted batch. Only buy a batch you can consume within two or three weeks. That way, you will enjoy drinking fresh Texas Pecan Coffee.

Can You Roast Pecan Coffee At Home?

If you’ve ever roasted whole coffee beans at home, you’ll find it relatively easier to blend your own pecan coffee. Start with preparing the pecans. Then roast your beans. Next, mix the beans with pecans and grind them together. That way, the ground coffee will be infused with real pecan nuts.