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How Do You Make Good Instant Coffee?

It feels refreshing to take coffee upon waking up. Also, you probably can’t wait for the next coffee break at work to get another dose of caffeine. But what if you don’t want to prepare coffee from scratch? May be you’re extremely busy, staying in a hostel, hotel room, or camping and you want coffee. In such circumstances, your best bet is to make instant coffee.

how do you make good instant coffee

The likes of espresso machines, percolators, and other coffee makers are ideal for making coffee for many people. However, making tasty instant coffee is not just about mixing hot water with instant coffee granules. In fact, many people shy away from instant coffee as they assume it tastes bad. But how do you make good instant coffee? In this article, we’ll show you some tips for making flavorsome instant coffee.

How to Make Good Instant Coffee

Here’re the tips to help you make tasty instant coffee:

  1. Preheating

It helps to preheat your cup before making instant coffee. Heat water with a kettle. Next, pour it into the cup. That way, your coffee will stay warm for longer after brewing. Preferably, use fresh water to brew. Freshly drawn water contains more oxygen than pre-boiled water. Thus, it makes tastier coffee.

  1. Water temperature

The temperature of water matters when brewing instant coffee. We recommended you brew with hot water at a temperature of 94 degrees Celcius. At this temperature, there is optimal extraction of coffee flavors and oils. In case you do not own a thermometer, just boil water and put it aside for a minute. That way, it’ll gain the recommended brewing temperature. Alternatively, heat water and remove it from the heat before it starts boiling.

  1. Coffee to water ratio

It will also help to get the ratio of coffee to water right. We recommended you use 2 grams of coffee per 200 ml of water. You can use more coffee for a stronger brew.

  1. Add milk (optional)

You can add milk to make your coffee creamy. However, this is optional. Use milk alternatives such as oat milk If you have allergies to dairy. Also, it is optional to add sugar.

How Do You Make Good Instant Coffee?

Supplies required:

  1. Instant coffee (your preferred brand)
  2. Kettle
  3. Teaspoon
  4. Water
  5. Coffee mug
  6. Sugar (optional)
  7. Milk or creamer (optional)


Step 1- Boil enough water in a kettle. Remember to include an amount that can preheat your cup.

Step 2- next, measure 2 grams of instant coffee or 1 teaspoon. Put the coffee into the waiting cup.

Step 4- Add hot water to the cup.

Step 5- Stir the water and coffee mixture to dissolve the coffee powder.

Step 6- You can sweeten your coffee by adding sugar or creamer to taste.


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