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How Many Calories in Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer?

Coffee Mate is one of the leading creamer brands. The creamer blends quickly into both cold and hot beverages, especially coffee. The brand offers a wide range of flavored creamers. They’re Kosher, lactose and cholesterol free.

Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer calories

The classic Coffee Mate French vanilla creamer is great for adding flavor to any cup of coffee. However, if you are keen about your diet and calorie intake, you may be wondering how many calories in coffee Mate French vanilla creamer. In this article, we will discuss the calorie content of Coffee Mate French vanilla creamer.

What is in that Coffee Mate Creamer?

Most coffee creamers are made up of sugar, oils, and water. They are often free from lactose or cream products. However, they aren’t dairy-free. They contain milk-derived proteins. Coffee Mate is specially made of corn syrup, preservatives, refined sugars, and partially hydrogenated oils.

Unfortunately, Coffee Mate does not contain antioxidants, minerals, or vitamins. Thus, it does not offer any nutritional benefits. Although adding a little creamer to your coffee may appear harmless, the cumulative effect of the chemicals used may be unhealthy. For instance, partially hydrogenated oil is shown to cause heart problems.

Also, it is advised to avoid super-processed oils, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners or syrups. Sucralose, for instance, is commonly used in sugar-free creamers. Sucralose is known to affect the gut microbiome negatively. It is advisable to check the label on the coffee creamer for its ingredients before buying to know what you are consuming.

How Many Calories in Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer?

A serving size of 1 tablespoon (15ml) of Coffee Mate French vanilla creamer contains 35 calories.

Are Fat-Free or Sugar-Free Creamers Safe?

Unfortunately, not all sugar-free or fat-free coffee creamers are safe. They often include chemicals making up artificial sweeteners such as maltodextrin. Although the FDA declares this sweetener as safe, it has been shown to trigger inflammatory bowel disease by altering gut bacteria.

What is the Difference between Half-and-Half Vs Creamer?

Half-and-half differs from creamer in that it contains milk. It is primarily made of milk and whipping cream in equal parts.

Is There Any Healthier Alternative to Coffee Mate Creamer?

Authentic full-fat cream sourced from grass-fed cows is a better alternative for those who want to add dairy to their coffee. But we don’t recommended it for daily use. The reason is that cow’s milk can result in inflammatory issues. Non-dairy creamers like those made from almond or oat are better for those avoiding dairy, but may have harmful additives. Thus, check the product labels to ensure they do not have any harmful additives.

Eventually, if you drink several cups of coffee daily, your best option would be to switch to creamer or milk from grass-fed cows instead of commercial creamers with harmful additives. If you are avoiding dairy or cutting your daily calorie intake, then skip creamers such as Coffee Mate French vanilla creamer. With time, you will get used to the taste of black coffee.