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What Happened to Maryland Club Coffee?

Coffee is an addictive beverage. We’ve been taking tons of it for years. Before there was Starbucks and other popular cafes, coffee was sold in pioneer coffee shops and roasteries in small towns.

There were also exclusive coffee sellers, such as the Maryland Club coffee company, that sold coffee to private clubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Maryland club coffee was first served in the finest hotels and restaurants in Texas in 1918 when it was produced by Herschel Mills Duncan.

He was a small coffee shop owner who purchased the Maryland Club coffee company from its previous owners and named it the Duncan company. The company sells Bright & Early coffee and Admiration coffee today.

These coffees are made from the same signature medium roast coffee blend developed in 1918 when the company was named the Maryland Club coffee company.

Maryland club coffee

How the Duncan Coffee Company replaced the Maryland Club coffee company

The Duncan coffee company is a 5th generation company. Herschel Mills Duncan, the company’s founder, came from a family that had already invested in the coffee industry.

Duncan’s uncle J.W.O. Neal was a co-founder of a coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee, called Maxwell House Coffee in 1901. He followed in his uncle’s entrepreneurial footsteps by starting the Duncan company, one of the first coffee roasters in Texas.

Today Herschel Mills Duncan IV continues to sell the popular brand of Duncan coffees under other brand names, such as Bright & Early coffee.

If you’ve wondered what happened to Maryland club coffee, this was its replacement. So the next time you miss some Maryland Club coffee, buy Bright and Early coffee from the Duncan Coffee Company.

These coffee beans are made with a blend of Central American and South American coffee beans. They are ideal for French Presses and automatic drip coffee making, which produces rich and smooth flavored coffee from them.

Some examples of the fresh roasted coffee blends sold by the Duncan Coffee Company are Texas Cinnamon and Native pecan coffee. The 5th generation coffee company also sells cold brew coffee pouches and K cups.

You can buy Bright & Early coffee and a variety of Duncan coffees online or from your local grocery store. Some examples of popular coffees sold by the Duncan coffee company are its 1918 blend, the Breakfast Blend, and Butter Pecan coffee.

The company also has exclusive rights to produce the Aggie blend of coffees for the A&M University coffee shops in Texas.


Folger’s Maryland Club Butternut Coffee

Some people confuse Duncan Coffee ( formerly Maryland Club coffee) with Folger’s brand of Maryland Club butternut coffee. This coffee was made with real butter and a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Butternut coffee was first made in Omaha by George Howell, who created it and marketed it on the streets, where it was well received.

By 1923, Butternut coffee had established itself as a well-loved coffee in Omaha because people enjoyed its nutty, rich, and smooth taste. Although it was a bit more expensive than regular coffee, Folger’s Maryland Club Butternut coffee flew off the shelves.

When Folgers purchased the George Howell company in 2012, it continued production of the Maryland Club Butter-Nut coffee until 2018, when it ceased production.

Although Folgers has ceased production of the Maryland Club Butternut coffee, you can still get similar coffees from other producers.

An example is ButterNut coffee from the Butternut foods company, which has existed since 1913.

This coffee was first produced in Omaha, Nebraska, by Paxton & Gallagher. They established their first roastery in Omaha in 1939.

You can buy ButterNut Medium Roast coffee and ButterNut Instant Espresso on the website.



Now you know what happened to Maryland club coffee. Although it may be hard to find Maryland club coffee in stores, there are similar brands you can try. Bright and Early coffee from the Duncan coffee company is a great example.

We’ve also shared another type of Butternut coffee with you, similar to the Folger’s Maryland brand that’s produced by the butternut foods company.

You may also try other butternut coffee replacements, such as organic vegetable coffee made from the nuts of the butternut tree. This type of coffee is ideal for people who suffer from caffeine sensitivity.

As you can see, there are so many coffees to choose from that have a similar flavor to Maryland Club coffees. You’ll never lack a brand that reminds you of the original brand.


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