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What Coffee Beans Do McDonald’s Use?

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s coffee tastes nice? You might wonder what recipes or toppings they use. Or maybe it’s just that the coffee beans are high-quality. If that’s the case, then what coffee beans do they use? This article highlights McDonald’s coffee and what else you might need to know concerning that.


About McDonald’s

Mcdonald’s needs no introduction as it’s a renowned fast food chain globally. It is fully referred to as McDonald’s corporation and is one of the largest companies globally. The restaurant’s hamburgers and Big Macs are very popular. The company’s headquarters is located in Chicago.

Richard and Maurice McDonald, brothers, established McDonald’s in 1940. The fast food restaurant started as a drive-in along with several menu options. This first iteration is based in San Bernardino, California. At the time, an upgrade was made to offer food services at low prices. To achieve advancement, the fast-food restaurant produced massive quantities of food sold at lower prices than their competitors.

In present-day McDonald’s, there are some interesting, unbelievable facts you might not have guessed. For instance, McDonald’s opens for about 14.5hours daily. They make as much as Seventy-five million dollars daily. Another wowing fact is more people than the entire population of the UK eat at McDonald’s daily. The big Mac isn’t the only thing McDonald’s is known to be suitable for. Their coffee is also pretty good.


How Much is Coffee at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s coffee is cheap, affordable and of good quality. The price of a McCafé menu option depends on the size and flavour. A small-sized coffee is available for as low as one dollar. Medium-sized coffee costs one dollar twenty-nine cents, and a large coffee goes for one dollar forty-nine cents.

McCafé’s iced coffee is a customer favourite on a hot summer day. You can buy a small-sized iced coffee at a reasonable price of two dollars and six cents. A medium-sized would go for two dollars, thirty-one cents, with a large priced at two dollars seventy cents.

There are other beverage options for gourmets, and enthusiasts might enjoy these more than the regular. This menu includes Frappes, Mochas, Lattes, and Hot Chocolates.


How to Buy Coffee at McDonald’s 

McDonald’s coffee

McDonald’s serves coffee all day long, and customers are free to order their favourite on the McCafé menu. Unless the machines are under maintenance, you should be able to buy coffee at 24-hour McDonald’s restaurants.

Some fast food franchises vary in terms of the McCafé menu at specific times of the day. For instance, after breakfast hours, some don’t sell Frappes. Still, you can find McDonald’s coffee products on sale at some local grocery, convenience or online stores like Amazon. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase the products at McDonald’s fast-food restaurants.


What Coffee Beans does McDonald’s Use?

Regarding the coffee beans of choice, McDonald’s uses one hundred percent Arabica beans. Gavina gourmet coffee is the major supplier in the United States. There’s a partnership with rainforest alliance certified farms and McDonald’s to maintain optimal ethical and environmental practices globally.

coffee beans used by McDonald’s

Fans who have tried and reviewed the coffee and have given comments. They describe the flavour as having a nutty and chocolate tone while also slightly bitter. Gavina gets its coffee from nineteen different countries in South and Central America. The company’s partnership with McDonald’s has lasted for over thirty-three years birthing the McDonald’s premium roast blend. This coffee is famous for its spicy citrus flavour and its crisp acidity.

Another coffee brand McDonald’s uses is NEWMAN’S ORGANICS Blend. This product is owned by Newman’s food company and is made of a hundred percent Arabica beans. You’ll find that the coffee is also a blend of medium-roasted Central American and dark-roasted Indonesian coffee. You can expect three flavours from this product: caramel, Vanilla and hazelnut. There’s also the Decaf option.

Besides the fact that McDonald’s uses 100% Arabica beans which they roast to satisfy individual customer tastes, some other factors contribute to their delectable coffee. Excellent coffee machines, well-trained Baristas and well-filtered water.


How does McDonald’s Prepare Coffee? 

With well-trained Baristas and high-end equipment, McDonald’s has no issue preparing their coffee to meet customers’ demands. The baristas work at the café section of the fast food restaurant to concentrate on making the best tasty beverages. Their area of specialization is focused on the coffee grind, temperature, milk, froth and the tidiness of the machine.

In case you’re wondering about the equipment, high-end espresso coffee machines are used to produce high-quality coffee beverages irrespective of a personnel change. The devices display efficiency and meet the customers’ needs even during periods of massive turnover rates.

Have you wondered why the massive amount of coffee beans has yielded no reports of harsh flavours due to poor quality beans? This is because McDonald’s uses a three-bean blend aimed at smoothening over the sharper taste of any one bean over another. This statement doesn’t mean the fast food restaurant purchases poor quality beans deliberately. Naturally, there is a period of sub-par high-quality turnouts due to unfavourable weather and soil conditions.

The Best Coffee Beverages on McDonald’s Menu

Now that you know McDonald’s makes good coffee, you should know which of the many are rated top best. Here are some of the best coffee beverages at McCafé.

  • The Americano 

A simple Americano is an espresso-based drink that’s just the right choice to fuel your energy levels to a great start in the morning.

  • Latte 

It’s made with one shot of espresso with a splash of milk to sweeten it to taste. This beverage option contains nutrients such as Vitamins A and B12, riboflavin and protein from the milk. Great choice to help lower blood sugar levels.

  • Cappuccino

This beverage is simple and delicious. It’s made of two espresso shots that you can sweeten to taste as you please—another great choice to get you fired up for the day.

  • Mocha

Another tasty espresso-based beverage that you could relax and enjoy anytime.

  • Iced coffee

This beverage needs no introduction. It’s the primarily fan-favourite during summer. Have yourself some coffee chilled with ice to bring the heat down and relax. It’s delicious, simple, and an excellent choice for any warm day.


Is McDonald’s Coffee Healthy? 

Coffee generally has a lot of health benefits. Serving as an energy level booster isn’t the only thing it’s suitable for. A good example is blood sugar regulations to help reduce the risk of diabetes. Coffee also helps to alleviate some of the dangers of cardiac failure when it comes to heart diseases.

Coffee also improves brain health and lowers the risk of depression. For athletes, coffee has enhanced athletic performances and promoted weight management. Protection against liver conditions also comes with benefits and many more.



In conclusion, the coffee beans used at McDonald’s are of top-notch quality, but there’s more to what makes it taste great. If you’re new to the coffee world, you should experiment with coffee variants to know which types pick your fancy. This article has highlighted some of the better coffee beverage choices. Coffee is secondary in terms of what McDonald’s is renowned for. But when you do visit to get some hamburgers or big Macs, feel free to order a nice cup of joe to go with it.


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