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What Can You Make In a Coffee Maker?

You probably think that your coffee maker is only good at making a tasty cup of coffee. But what can you make in a coffee maker apart from coffee? Although coffee makers are specially designed to brew coffee, they have more potential than you have ever imagined. Your coffee maker can save the day when nothing else seems to work.

meals in coffee maker

Whether you want to experiment with what extra things your coffee maker can do, or attempting to prepare a meal in a dorm or hotel room without a kitchen, there are numerous ways you can utilize your coffee maker to prepare a meal. Here are some of the meals you can make in your coffee maker.


     1. Ramen Noodles 

Ramen Noodles are one of the most affordable and easiest meals to make, especially for students living in dorms. You can turn your regular coffee maker into a noodle-making machine. To prepare Ramen Noodles with your coffee maker, add the dry noodles to the coffee pot. Also, add the seasoning that came with the noodles or a seasoning of your choice.

Next, add enough water to the water reservoir. A standard Ramen package requires 2 cups of water. Turn on your coffee maker to cook the noodles. Cook them until they reach your preferred texture. You can also use this process to prepare other instant meals such as instant rice and instant mac and cheese.

     2. Spaghetti 

If you are craving pasta but you do not have a pot or kitchen to prepare it, you can make it in your coffee maker. Simply wrap the coffee pot in aluminum foil to preserve heat for proper cooking. Add the spaghetti to the coffee pot. You can break the spaghetti in half to fit in properly. Run your coffee maker until the pot gets filled with hot water. Allow the pasta to cook until it reaches your preferred texture. Use this method to cook any other dried pasta.

     3. Poached Salmon

You can cook salmon filet in a coffee maker. Just add the filet to the pot alongside your preferred seasonings such as pepper, onion powder, salt, squeezed lemon juice, and garlic powder. Run your coffee maker until the pot gets filled with hot water. Allow the salmon to cook for about 8 to 10 minutes or when it turns flaky and opaque.

     4. Steamed Vegetables

Whether you love green beans, carrots, or broccoli, you can cook any vegetable with a coffee maker. In this case, you will place your vegetables in the filter basket. Then fill the water reservoir with water. Run your coffee maker. The hot water will run over your vegetables and steam them.

     5. Boiled Hot Dogs

You can prepare hot dogs by boiling them in your simple coffee maker. Just add the hot dogs to the coffee pot. Run the machine until it gets filled with hot water. Allow the hot dogs to cook to your desired level.

     6. Bacon

If you crave some bacon but do not have the means to cook them, you can utilize your coffee maker to get them ready. To cook bacon with your coffee maker, cover the heating plate with foil. Next, cut the bacon into small pieces that can fit on the base of your coffee machine. Preheat the foil by turning on your coffee maker. Then place the pieces of bacon on the foil. Flip the bacon once one side turns crisp and browned. You can also prepare sausages the same way.

     7. Hard Boiled Eggs 

To make hard-boiled eggs in a coffee maker, place the eggs inside the coffee pot. Then start your coffee maker. The water level should be sufficient enough to cover the eggs. Start with cooking one test egg for about 15 to 20 minutes and see whether it is hard-boiled. Boil the rest of the eggs upon figuring out the ideal timing. However, more eggs may require longer boiling time.

     8. Oatmeal 

You can prepare oatmeal for breakfast with your coffee machine. To do this, add ½ cup oats to the coffee pot and 1 cup water to the water reservoir. Run the machine through a normal cycle. Soak the oats up to the time indicated on the oats package. Enjoy eating your oats.

     9. Soups

You can make any kind of soup with your coffee maker. Add your preferred ingredients and seasonings to the coffee pot. Run water through the coffee maker for a few hours to cook your soup thoroughly.