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Mocha Java Coffee

Mocha Java coffee is an old and famous coffee blend in the world. The blend is a mixture of Mocha beans from Yemen and Java beans from Indonesia.

The two types of beans are known for their great taste and quality. The beans make a great-tasting cup of coffee, and the coffee blend formed by the beans is usually well-balanced.

mocha java coffee.

Mocha Java is usually mistaken for café mocha. Café mocha is a drink that is comprised of chocolate and partly coffee. Mocha Java lacks chocolate in it and therefore different from cafe Java.

History of Mocha Java Coffee

Mocha Java coffee blend has such a great history. Coffee had been growing in Yemen since the 15th century. Mocha Java coffee blend, however, was created during the 17th century. During this period, the beans were introduced to the European merchants. The Yemen port was busy and popular. Usually, the traders would sail from Europe to Indonesia. They would stop at the busy Yemen port to collect coffee then stop again at the Java port to pick up more coffee collected from the Indonesia area. The two types of beans accidentally mixed during the busy trips from Europe to Indonesia, and that is how the Mocha Java blend was born. The mocha beans were light, bright, and fruity, while the Java beans had deep and rich undertones.

Present Day

The Mocha Java coffee blend is rare and expensive. It becomes hard to find the Mocha Java coffee blend made up of Yemen Mocha and Java Arabica coffee. Usually, substitutes for the beans are mixed. The common ones used are the bright and fruity Ethiopian Harrar coffee to replace Mocha and the full-bodied Sumatra coffee to replace Java coffee.

The proportions of the mixtures become altered too. The traditional Mocha Java coffee blend contains one part of Mocha and two parts of Java Arabica Coffee. This proportion is currently hard to find. The Mocha Java coffee blend becomes hard to find due to some other factors like political conflicts within countries like Yemen and trade barriers in the region. Some countries also face restrictions on importing the unroasted Mocha coffee beans. This reduces the availability of the original blend.

The present Mocha Java coffee blend varies in quality depending on the desire for the baristas to achieve the flavor of the traditional Mocha Java coffee. However, you should try a variety of Mocha Java coffee until you find one that you’ll love and close to the traditional blend flavor. Most of the Mocha Java blend made is from a single-origin of beans.

When purchasing the beans to make your coffee, make sure to buy freshly roasted coffee beans. Making your coffee with fresh beans will give you a richly flavored cup of coffee.

Mocha Java coffee blend is ideal when making an espresso roast. This is a result of the balanced flavor found in the Mocha Java coffee blend. It is also easy to pair the coffee with a variety of foods due to the balanced flavor in the Mocha Java coffee blend.


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