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Is Colombian Coffee Good?

Recognized globally for its rich flavor and exceptional quality, Colombian coffee holds a coveted place in the upper rank of premium coffees worldwide. In fact, it is rated among the best coffees. But is Colombian coffee good? Keep reading to find out.

colombian coffee

What is So Special about Colombian Coffee?

Coffee must first be grown carefully under specific conditions in order to produce high-quality beans suitable for harvest. Harvesting techniques impact the flavor profiles of these delicate beans which must undergo meticulous processing. Let’s look at why Colombian coffee tastes good.

#1- Type of Coffee

Arabica and Robusta coffee are presently the most prevalent types of coffee that are cultivated worldwide. Colombian coffee is 100% Arabica beans. Arabica beans are superior in quality and taste. They are lighter and sweeter than Robusta. Also, they have stronger acidic notes and less caffeine. Thus, Arabica beans produce richer and tastier coffee than Robusta. Since Colombian coffee is purely Arabica beans, it guarantees better-tasting coffee.

#2- Geographical and Climatic Conditions

Colombia boasts of having perfect climatic and geographical conditions for growing coffee. Coffee is an extremely sensitive crop. It requires the right conditions to thrive. The excellent climate, the right amount of rainfall, and the perfect soil are what give Colombian coffee its rich flavor.

In order for coffee to flourish properly, it requires a significant amount of rainfall per year – a minimum of 80 inches (200 centimeters) is ideal. The plant also thrives in areas where temperatures remain above freezing. Furthermore, the country’s elevated landscape combined with adequate sun exposure and mild climate lend themselves perfectly to coffee production within its tropical region.

#3- Growing and Harvesting

Another factor that determines the quality of coffee beans is the sowing & harvesting process. Producing high-quality coffee beans isn’t only about the terrain and climate. It’s also about the growing and processing methods used.

The best coffee grows on steep slopes, especially when surrounded by banana plants and trees. The surrounding trees provide the beans with shade, thereby preventing them from being scorched under the hot sun.

Harvesting Colombian coffee is done by hand. Hand-picking is labor intensive but allows for harvesting ideal coffee cherries. A machine cannot differentiate ideal cherries from overripe, unripe, and green cherries.

Although it is extremely challenging for Colombian coffee producers to handpick every coffee cherry in their coffee farms, it pays off in that the coffee sells at a higher price. Also, coffee lovers get the highest quality coffee in their cups.

Is Colombian Coffee Good?

Colombian coffee is one of the best coffees you can find today. The Colombian coffee-growing region has an optimal climate and altitude for growing premium coffee beans. Also, harvesting is done by handpicking to ensure only the best beans find their way into your cup.