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How Many Calories Are In a Single Serving of Hazelnut Creamer?

Hazelnut creamer is undeniably a flavor-additive that heightens the taste of any cup of coffee. Its aroma and nutty attributes undeniably enhance the overall essence of coffee. It transforms it into a creamy, fragrant treat. So how many calories are in a single serving of hazelnut creamer? If you’re cautious about your calorie intake, it’ll help knowing the number of calories in this beloved creamer.

calories single serving hazelnut creamer

What is Hazelnut Creamer?

This creamer made by combining hazelnut extract or pulverized hazelnuts in milk or cream. The hazelnut flavorings and milk are blended to make the creamer. You can use this creamer to sweeten your coffee, cookies, or cakes. It is a great substitute for milk. You can also go for non-dairy hazelnut creamers.

You can buy the creamer from your local supermarket. Alternatively, get it from a store that specializes in bakery ingredients or cake decorations. If not, purchase one from an online store or prepare some at home.

When buying hazelnut creamer, ensure you check its “best before date”. If you wish, you can buy sugar-free or organic hazelnut creamer.

What are the Uses of Hazelnut Creamer?

There are several culinary uses of hazelnut creamer including:

  • You can use it as a coffee flavoring, especially to make a Hazelnut latte.
  • It is used in confectionery when making praline. Also, it is utilized in making chocolate truffles.
  • In Austria, hazelnut creamer is commonly used to make tortes, especially the Viennese hazelnut torte.
  • Hazelnut creamer is also used in making vodka-based hazelnut liqueurs.

How Many Calories Are In a Single Serving of Hazelnut Creamer?

International Delight Hazelnut Creamer Singles contains 30 calories in a single serving of 13 ml.

On the other hand, Coffee Mate Hazelnut Liquid Creamer Singles contain 25 calories in a single serving of 11 ml.

Is Hazelnut Creamer Healthy?

Genuine hazelnuts are endowed with unsaturated fat and protein content. Vitamin B6 and thiamine are among their nutrient compositions. Furthermore, they contain oleic acid-an advantageous monounsaturated fatty acid- that facilitates a reduction in blood cholesterol levels.

Moreover, due to the presence of crucial minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium; these nuts when consumed can result in low blood pressure levels. Hazelnuts also include cardioprotective arginine (an amino acid) that eases the blood vessel tensions leading to subsequent decrease of blood pressure levels.

How Do You Store Hazelnut Creamer?

When preparing your own hazelnut creamer, it’s suggested you transfer the final product into an appropriate glass container. Afterwards, refrigerate the resulting the mixture to maintain its freshness over time.

Can You Add Hazelnut Creamer to Tea?

Flavored creamers can sweeten your tea. The creamer works best with black tea. Your decision of whether or not to include creamer in your coffee depends on what you personally enjoy. The choice is ultimately in your hands, and it is a matter of taste preference whether you want to add creamer to your cuppa or java.



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