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Does Pecan Flavored Coffee Have Pecans in It?

If you have ever tasted pecans, you probably loved their rich sweet, and meaty taste. Pecans have numerous uses. Some people eat them like other nuts while others grind them into flour for use in cookies and cakes. Most notably, pecans are a great additive to coffee. Probably, you have ever come across pecan flavored coffee. Does pecan flavored coffee have pecans in it? How’s it made? Keep reading through this article to find out.

pecan flavored coffee

What are Pecans?

Pecans are nuts native to North America. They grow from a tree belonging to the hickory species. The best pecans come from Texas. You can also find good pecans in Georgia and New Mexico. Mexico leads in their production pecans, with the U.S. being the second producer.

Indigenous people in North America used pecan nuts as a food source. Pecans have been grown for commercial purposes since the 1880s. Today, pecans they’re used in many recipes, especially in desserts.

Pecans feature a butter, nutty, and sweet flavor. They are mildly floral with a foresty aroma. You can eat them fresh or roasted. The nuts are a little bitter, but the flesh within tastes sweet. Pecans crumble like a cookie. Their texture is light but firm and pleasantly crunchy.

Does Pecan Flavored Coffee Have Pecans in It?

Pecan flavored coffee is coffee that features the nutty, sweet taste of pecans. The tasty flavoring is achieved by either adding real pecan nuts to whole beans. To make this coffee with real pecans, the nuts are specially mixed with roasted beans. Next, they’re ground together.

Alternatively, this flavoring is attained by utilizing natural or artificial pecan flavoring. What you get is a unique-tasting beverage that’s both comforting and satisfying.

It’s a great choice among persons who like a nutty taste in their joe. It’s most popular across the southern U.S. region, where pecans are most commonly grown. Also, they’re often utilized in baking and cooking.

Some roasters this flavored coffee as a medium roast, which offer a balance between dark and light roasts. Thus, it gives you a rich and smooth taste without overpowering your palate.

Besides its taste, this flavored coffee offers numerous health benefits when prepared using real pecans or naturally acquired flavor extract. These benefits include boosting focus and mental alertness and a dose of antioxidants. Moreover, these nuts are rich in poly and mono-unsaturated fats. They help in lowering cholesterol levels. To add to that, they reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease.

Can You Make Pecan Flavored Coffee At Home?

It’s possible to prepare this flavorsome coffee at the comfort of your home. All you need is roasted coffee beans, shelled pecans, and a coffee grinder. Mix enough pecans with the beans. Grind them together with a burr grinder. Here’s a straightforward recipe:


  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Pecan extract or syrup
  • Milk or cream (optional)
  • Sweetener (optional)


#1. Use your favorite coffee-making method to brew coffee.

#2. Transfer the coffee into a mug.

#3. Mix in 1-2 teaspoons of pecan extract or syrup.

#4. Optionally, include milk or cream according to your taste.

#5. Add sweetener if desired.

#6. Stir well and enjoy your delicious pecan flavored coffee.

Final Thoughts

Pecan flavored coffee offers a satisfying way to enjoy coffee. It’s delicious besides offering a perfect balance between sweet and nutty taste notes. Whether you crave a flavorsome cup of java or are a coffee connoisseur, you should surely try this drink.