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How to Use Eggshells Banana Peels and Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer?

Want a lovely and lush garden without spending a single coin on compost, slug protection, and fertilizer? Well, you can enjoy a banana, egg, and coffee breakfast and use the leftovers for your garden. All you need is a mixture of a cup of banana pills, a scoop of coffee grounds, and crushed egg shells, and put it under the soil and around your plants. You can also toss the mixture into a container planter for use as a pest deterrent, soil amendment, and slow-release fertilizer.

eggshells banana peels coffee grounds fertilizer

Importance of Using Eggs Shells

Egg shells add essential nutrients to the soil such as calcium. Just rinse and crush eggs shells. Then work the crushed shells into the soil. Tomatoes, for instance, require a sufficient supply of calcium for optimal growth and to prevent conditions such as blossom end rot.

You can also sprinkle crushed eggshells over the topsoil to deter snails and slugs. They dislike crawling over crushed eggs shells as they hurt their belly. It is like dragging yourself on the stomach over shards of glass.


Importance of Using Banana Peels

Banana peels add potassium and phosphorous to the soil. Both minerals are essential for the healthy growth of plants. Potassium is responsible for the development of new flower buds. Roses, for instance, develop more rose buds when they get a sufficient supply of potassium. Thus, peel some bananas and bury the peels deep beneath a rose bush for extra bouquets.


Importance of Using Coffee Grounds

Coffee grinds are a great source of tannic acids and nitrogen. Acid-loving plants like butterfly weeds, lupines, blueberries, gardenias, azaleas, rhododendrons, ferns, and gardenias love ground coffee. Sprinkling coffee grounds on the soil can also help deter snails and slugs as they do not like the feeling of crawling over the rough grinds.


How to Use Eggshells Banana Peels and Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer – Summary

If you are going to amend your garden soil or do some container planting soon enough, then it is time to collect the remains of eggshells, banana peels, and coffee grounds. You can store the collection in a zip-lock bag and put them in your refrigerator. Once you have gathered enough of these leftovers, add them to your container planters or mix them into the soil. They will add essential nutrients to the soil, help with soil aeration, and improve soil water retention and drainage.