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How to Make 3 in 1 Coffee?

Today, more people are learning how to become home baristas. Sometimes, you do not want to hang out in coffee shops and prefer staying indoors. But how will you get your favorite cup of coffee without visiting a coffee shop? And what should you do if you do not have the time needed to brew coffee at home? Or what if your coffee maker fails? This is where instant coffee comes in handy. In this article, we will show you how to make 3 in 1 coffee.

3 in 1 coffee

3 in 1 Coffee Recipe

Making a perfect 3 in 1 coffee brew requires effort and practice. Fortunately, the ingredients required are few and simple, making this recipe simple to try at home. Essentially, most coffee lovers drink coffee to help them wake up. However, you may not have much time to brew coffee in the morning, especially when you have to get ready to go to work. Fortunately, you can prepare instant coffee within a few minutes and get a quick dose of caffeine.

Here are some of the best ways of preparing 3 in 1 coffee:

Method 1- Mix Instant Coffee With Water

The simplest way of preparing 3 in 1 coffee is by mixing the coffee with hot water. You will get a ready cup of coffee within minutes. To do this, put a sachet of 3 in 1 coffee in a mug. Add hot water until full. Stir and enjoy your instant coffee.

Method 2- Mix Instant Coffee With Milo and Hot Water

You can make a chocolaty 3 in 1 coffee drink by mixing 3 in 1 instant coffee with Milo. To do this, add a sachet of 3 in 1 coffee to a mug. Next, add a sachet of Milo. Then pour in hot water and get an instant hot mocha drink.

Method 3- Add Milk and Freeze

If you want a smoother and creamier 3 in 1 coffee, feel free to add any milk. First, add a sachet of 3 in 1 coffee into a sealable glass jar. Add hot water and milk. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Allow the coffee to cool. Seal the jar with its lid and put the drink in the freezer for a few hours. Then remove the drink from the freezer and shake it. Serve and enjoy your 3 in 1 Frappuccino. You can drizzle some chocolate syrup or caramel for a more flavorful drink.

Method 4- Mix Instant Coffee With Nutella

First, mix 3 in 1 coffee with hot water. Next, add 1 spoon of Nutella. Mix well until fully dissolved. You will get a creamy drink without any bitter aftertaste.

Method 5- Add Sweeteners

Although 3 in 1 coffee comes with sugar, you can change its taste by adding an alternative sweetener of your choice. Sweetened condensed milk, muscovado, or honey are great alternatives to granulated sugar. You can add them to your instant coffee for a new flavor.

Method 6- Add a Slice of Butter

While butter might be the last ingredient you would want to put in your cup of 3 in 1 coffee, it helps with subduing the bitterness. Just a thin slice of butter will do the trick. Also, it gives the drink a silky texture. You can top the drink with whipped cream for a richer taste.



If you are looking for a quick caffeine fix, 3 in 1 coffee is one of the quickest and easiest ways of making coffee. You only need hot water and a sachet of 3 in 1 coffee to get a ready brew. If you feel experimental, you can try the aforementioned methods of making 3 in 1 instant coffee better. Hopefully, you now know to make 3 in 1 coffee.