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How to Use Coffee Cup HTML Editor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a WYSIWYG programming tool that has everything you need to create a basic web page.

This HTML editor was the first to support Java script, built-in FTP uploads, and split-screen editing. It was created in 1996 by Kevin Jurica and Nicholas Longo.

The companies that use Coffeecup HTML editors are mostly in the U.S. Some examples are Blue Bell Creameries, L.P., and Gannon University.

Individuals can also use the Coffee Cup HTML editor. If you are unfamiliar with what it is, here is some helpful information.

coffee cup HTML editor

What is a Coffee Cup HTML Editor?

HTML editors are softwares used to create and modify web pages. You can use these applications to create standards-compliant sites using tools like built-in validation and code completion.

If you are a newbie at programming, an HTML editor such as Coffee Cup is an excellent tool to use when learning how to create a website.

It has a comprehensive tag reference section that puts the correct programming tags right at your fingertips.

Creating a website with Coffee Cup is easy because it offers FTP support for uploading files and speeds up the creation of different features on the site.

This HTML editor also supports CSS3 and HTML 5 to help you create a modern website.


Useful Features on the Coffee Cup Editor

The Coffee Cup editor gives you website components to create webpages without looking at HTML tags and copying graphics into your webpage.

It has code completion features, live previews, and options for creating and editing forms and tables.

Rookies can learn how to use the Coffee Cup HTML editor using the comprehensive tag reference.

It also has a quick start guide, vibrant website themes, and a searchable knowledge base you can peruse.

Coffeecup HTML editor runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can use it to create code in HTML5, XHTML 1.0, and HTML 4.01.

The software website also has a support center where you can get answers concerning any programming issue you face while using Coffee Cup.


How to Use Coffee Cup HTML Editor

Coffee Cup allows you to create a webpage or an entire website. It has several templates for people who prefer not to code on a blank page.

The theme section also includes some tutorials that you can use to customize an actual website.

You can download the Coffee Cup editor on the Coffee Cup website. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Click on start, go to programs, and select the Coffee Cup software.
  2. The latest version of Coffee Cup HTML Editor will appear, opening up to the code editor window.
  3. Click on the visual editor tab to switch to the visual editor window.
  4. Select save to save your code from the Code Editor window to ensure you can get back to it after the software works on it in the visual editor.
  5. Type a single sentence, and copy-paste it repeatedly to create a block of text.
  6. Select the Format menu, click on a line of text, and choose an option from the menu. Some examples are bold, italics, fonts, and text alignment.
  7. Click on another line of text, select the insert menu, and click on “link.” You will find options on the insert menu that will let you create a link to another website page, image, or title of a web page.
  8. Continue clicking on the remaining menus, inspect the options and choose the command you desire until you complete your website or webpage creation project.

You can download a Coffeecup WebForm Builder that comes with tools for P.C. users and a free Lite version of it on the Coffee Cup website. Some people add the S -Drive to it to avoid manually uploading codes to their websites.

Combining the Webform builder with the S- Drive makes the Coffee Cup editor very efficient.



Coffee Cup is a great HTML Editor for people on a budget who have knowledge on website creation.

It loads fast and doesn’t have code that can slow you down. You also get cross-browser previews to ensure you can smoothly create a simple webpage without hiccups.

Although the HTML Coffee Cup editor is a little bit complicated for novice programmers, it is a perfect website creation tool for anyone with some HTML knowledge.

Try it if you are looking for a simple way to create a web page or website.


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