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What Does a Frog and a Coffee Cup Mean?

If you enjoy using phones, you know that texting is a regular part of everyday life. We used to spend a lot of time on our phones talking to friends and loved ones. Now we are always on social media or apps chatting and watching videos, among other things.

Phones have also been modernized to improve the way we do things. In the past, texting or chatting used to involve a straightforward typing of words. Now we can use emojis to replace words.

frog and coffee cup emoji

Emojis are small digital images we use in texting to express an idea. These symbols are also used in place of words we would think of as rude or sexual if typed literally. An example is peach emojis.

Some people also use emojis to signify the emotions they feel when texting. For example, a blushing avatar to show embarrassment. Or a fiery demon to show anger.

There are also emojis that are quite puzzling. An example is the frog and a coffee cup emoji. What does it mean?


The Meaning of the Frog and a Coffee Cup Emoji

You may feel that frogs have no place anywhere close to a coffee cup, but this emoji is used extensively in texts and social media sites.

One reason for this could be that the frog on the emoji looks like Kermit, and many of us adore that frog. The other reason could be it has a coffee cup which encourages coffee addicts to pick it.

Whatever the case, this emoji has become so popular that people online are now asking what it means. Well, there is no single answer to this question. A possible explanation could be, “It’s none of my business.”

It’s in reference to the images we see of Kermit when he’s trying to mind his business. When translated into words, this emoji would mean: “Kermit minding his business, sips coffee!”.

This frog emoji is usually used after something shocking and sensational happens, leaving people shocked yet unwilling to discuss the topic.

For example:” He shouldn’t ask people not to come late to work and come in this late!….. that’s none of my business! (frog and a coffee cup emoji)

This emoji may also refer to a meme of Kermit the frog drinking a cup of tea that kids use to imply, “I’m just saying.”

Some phones, such as Apple, depict the frog emoticon with a mischievous grin on its face. For this reason, many people use this emoji after texting about something naughty they did, such as; “Just had my second cheat day of the week (frog and a coffee cup)


Out-of-the-Way Meanings of the Frog and a Coffee Cup Emoji

Although we’ve given you the primary meanings that many people have of the frog and coffee cup emoji, there are others you may find interesting.

For example, the frog and a coffee cup emoji is used by people who support the Rainforest Alliance Certification in texts in place of smiling emoticons.

That’s because environmentalists view the presence of a large population of frogs in an area as signs of a healthy environment.

For this reason, companies that support environmental causes often use the frog seal on product packages. An example is a frog stamp on a pack of coffee beans.

A frog and coffee cup is also used as a fun way to refer to drinking beer by people who have used a frog mug.

This ceramic mug with a frog or a couple of frogs at the bottom is used in some places to drink beer and play drinking games. The mug is filled with beer covering the frogs at the bottom, and beer drinkers get to see them appear as they slowly down their drink.

People who enjoy drinking with these mugs may use the frog and a coffee cup in a text about being at the pub. For example, “Just enjoying my first pint of the day!” (frog and a coffee cup emoji)



Now you know the meaning of the “frog and a coffee cup” emoji. Although linguists refer to the use of emojis in texts as the “nounification of emojis,” it fits our modern lifestyles perfectly.

We may sometimes get lost in translation when trying to find the meanings of emojis, but they are here to stay. They make texting fun and show off our personalities.

Guessing what an emoji means also makes texting more interesting. So the next time someone asks you what a frog and coffee cup means, share the meanings we’ve suggested here.

You may also find out what they think this emoji means. They could give you some interesting answers that will make your day.