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How does a vacuum coffee pot work?

Have you been thinking of getting a coffee machine? A vacuum coffee maker is a great option.

It looks pretty different from other popular coffee makers and brews coffee in a visually unique way.

Vacuum coffee makers also produce rich and flavorful coffee. Despite how good these coffee makers are, they are some of the less-known coffee devices.

In this article, we’ll discuss the vacuum coffee pot and show you how to use it.

vacuum coffee pot

History of a Vacuum Coffee Maker?

A vacuum coffee maker is a two-chamber device that relies on gravity and vapor pressure to brew coffee through extraction.  It is also referred to as a siphon coffee maker.

Vacuum coffee makers have existed since the 1800s. The first popular siphon/vacuum coffee maker was designed by Marie Fanny Amelne Massot, a French woman from Lyons, France.

A Scottish marine engineer inspired by her coffee pot design later invented his own version of it called the Napier coffee pot.

Vacuum coffee makers were valued for their ability to extract the authentic taste of coffee without destroying its flavor oils.

Today coffee chains like the Blue Bottle Coffee Company have Siphon coffee bars dedicated to vacuum coffee making due to its popularity.


What is a Vacuum Coffee Pot?

The vacuum coffee maker is a coffee pot that works like a siphon by varying water pressure using vapor during coffee making. That’s why it is also referred to as a siphon coffee maker.

It is made of two round glass chambers set on top of each other with a filter in between. These chambers are made of metal, plastic, or borosilicate glass.

The filter of a vacuum coffee maker is either made of a screen or a glass rod. It is encased in a tube upon which the upper chamber is placed.

Vacuum coffee makers are heated using a gas burner, stove, or electricity, depending on the model. They are preferred over other coffee makers because they brew superior-tasting coffee in terms of consistency, purity, and flavor.

Some examples of vacuum coffee pots are the Bodum PEBO vacuum coffee pot, Cona Vacuum Brewer, and the Yama Vacuum coffee brewer.


How does a Vacuum Coffee Pot Work?

Although a vacuum coffee maker seems like a complicated device, it’s relatively easy to use.

Water is poured into the lower chamber of the vacuum coffee pot that is heated over a burner during coffee-making. The coffee grounds are then poured into the top chamber.

Heating the lower vessel produces vapor that creates excessive pressure, forcing hot water into the upper chamber.

The hot water extracts coffee from the grounds in the upper chamber during a 40-second brewing cycle, after which the heat is put off.

That ensures the pressure is reduced and gravity takes over to draw the brewed coffee into the lower chamber through the siphon filter. The coffee is then decanted from the lower chamber of the vacuum coffee maker into a carafe.

Now that you know how a vacuum coffee pot works let’s go through some simple instructions on how to use it.


How to Brew Coffee With a Vacuum Coffee Pot

  1. Start by inserting the filter attachment into the vacuum coffee pot.
  2. Fill the lower chamber of the vacuum coffee pot with water until it’s 3/4 full.
  3. Pour 15 g of medium-grind coffee into the upper chamber.
  4. Light the burner of the vacuum coffee pot located under the lower chamber.
  5. After a few minutes of boiling, the hot water will rise to the upper chamber.
  6. You can reduce the flame of the vacuum pot and stir the coffee grounds inside the upper chamber to enhance extraction.
  7. Wait for about 40 seconds for the coffee ground to release its flavor.
  8. Turn off the vacuum pot heater, and the coffee will flow into the lower chamber through a filter.
  9. Decant the coffee from the lower chamber into a thermos, carafe, or mug and enjoy it.



Now you have the answer to “how does a vacuum coffee pot work?” It’s a great coffee maker for anyone who likes using simple, traditional coffee-making devices.

Vacuum coffee pots are quite popular in Asian and European countries. They are slowly gaining popularity in the US for their ability to produce a superior brew rich in flavor and aroma.

Why don’t you visit a Siphon bar to see how this amazing device works? It’s sure to be one of your most memorable coffee outings. It will probably inspire you to get a vacuum coffee pot for your home use.


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