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How to Make a Double-Double Coffee at Home?

You’ll find many types of coffee on the menu when you walk into a cafe. Some of the names on the beverage menu may surprise you. A few terms that have baffled me are Red Eye coffee, Triple – Triple, and Double – Double coffee.

Double-double coffee is fascinating to people because it seems like a incorrectly written word. You may have seen it on a Tim Hortons menu and wondered, whether it is really a beverage.

Yes, there is a coffee beverage called double-double coffee. The term is mainly used by Canadians to refer to a sweet, creamy coffee. Here is some information about it.


double double coffee


What is Double-Double Coffee?

Double-Double coffee is a coffee made with equal servings of cream and sugar. It is usually associated with the Tim Hortons brand. However, you will also find it in other coffee shops such as Starbucks and fast food places like McDonalds.

The term Double-Double coffee was first coined in 2004. It is often associated with Tim Horton’s brand.

When you order a double-double in Tim Hortons, you’ll get a coffee with two spoons of sugar and two creams. But if you ask for a double-double in Starbucks, you’ll get two shots of cream, two sugar-free coffee beverages, and a cup to mix them in.


Is Double – Double Coffee Healthy For You?

Double-double coffee is an amazing and popular beverage. And although it tastes terrific, many people avoid it because it contains a lot of calories. That’s primarily because of the high sugar, fat, and cream content.

A serving of double-double coffee contains  6 gms of fat, 16 gms of sugar, and 140 calories. 16 gms of sugar adds up to about 4 teaspoons of sugar.

That’s a lot of sugar to put in your coffee! It may contribute to the development of fatty liver disease, cause unnecessary weight gain, cholesterol issues, and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.

WHO advises that people take between 6 – 9 gms or 24 – 36 gms of sugar only in a day. That adds up to about 2 cups of medium double-double coffee.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that drinking more than two cups of double-double coffee in a day is bad for your health. What’s the solution?

You may reduce the sugar and cream in your double-double coffee, which would make it something else. But that would be okay too. You’d refer to it as your version of a double-double coffee.

Some people substitute the ingredients in double-double coffee to make it a healthier beverage. You can do that too by using low-calorie sweeteners and healthy versions of coffee creamer.

Another healthy option is to replace milk with creamer or order a small double-double instead of a medium or large.

But if you prefer to brew the original double-double coffee. Here is a simple recipe.


How to Make Double-Double Coffee at Home



2 pumps of creamer

2 Tbsp of sugar

A cup of regular coffee


  1. Start by brewing your cup of coffee using medium roast coffee. That will give you the best brew in terms of caffeine content, flavors, and aroma.
  2. Pour two Tbsp of sugar into the coffee and add 2 pumps of creamer. You may also add two sachets of creamer.
  3. Stir the creamer and sugar into your coffee and enjoy your drink.


Creamer Substitutes for Double – Double Coffee




While double-double coffee tastes amazing, you can only have it once in a while. If you want to drink more of it, reduce the calories and fat content by choosing healthy substitutes for creamer.

Some good options are low-fat milk and milk substitutes such as coconut and oat milk.

You may also use MCT oil ( medium-chain triglycerides) to replace creamer in your double-double coffee. It is rapidly absorbed by the liver, where it is used as a source of energy. Therefore it may speed up your metabolism.

MCT oil can also improve the flavor of your coffee and give it a silky mouth -feel. It’s the best creamer substitute for people on a diet like the Keto diet.

There are also low-calorie creamers in the market, such as flavored Nutri -pod sweetened creamer. These creamers contain about 5 -10 calories per tablespoon making them a healthier option for those who can’t stay without creamer. They are vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Another creamer with similar calories is Coffee Mate’s fat-free liquid coffee creamer. Use these creamers in your double – double coffee if you want to reduce its fat content.

Cool Whip is the other low-calorie creamer you can use in your double-double coffee. Two tablespoons of it add up to 20 calories only.

Lactose intolerant people may use Silk Almond dairy-free creamer which only contains 25 calories in their double – double coffee.


Low Calorie – Sweeteners for Double – Double Coffee

The amount of sugar in double-double coffee is exceptionally high. It’s impossible to take two or three cups of it every day without endangering your health or gaining unnecessary weight.

You can substitute the sugar in a double-double coffee recipe with low-calorie sweeteners.

An example is Splenda sweetener which is made for type 2 Diabetics.It is probably the most commonly used sugar substitute in the world and is ideal for anyone trying to cut down their sugar intake. Other options are Sweet N’ Low and Stevia.



That is a little information on double-double coffee. You now know what it is and how to brew it at home. If you like it, try a triple-triple coffee which contains 3 creams and 3 sugars.

And if you’ve been taking lots of double-double coffee, you now know its health setbacks and how to prepare a low-calorie, low-sugar version. Remember to use sugar-free and low – calories ingredients to brew it if you make it at home.

But if you really like sweet coffee beverages, try Mocha coffee, Latte, or Flat white. These coffees contain fewer calories than Double – Double coffee.

You’ll also find some of them, like Mocha coffee, contain delicious ingredients like chocolate syrup, while others have their own flavored versions. Some examples are Pumpkin Spice Latte and Vanilla latte.

If you haven’t tried double-double coffee yet, it’s time to have a cup. Think of it as a dessert drink or a delightful coffee beverage that you have as a treat.

You may find it’s something you can order every now and then.