What Is a Red Eye Coffee?

Now that is a great question. If this was a blog based on beers, we would have been telling you that the Redeye or Tomato Beer is a beer with a little tomato juice and a touch of salt.

Red Eye Coffee.

It is known for a cheap and effective hangover cure, but don’t listen to us because we are not beer experts. What we talk about here is coffee and solely coffee.


So, what is it?

It is actually easy to make and the execution to make it is similar to the Red Eye Beer. In a Red Eye coffee, you can find one shot of espresso with regular drip coffee. You might find some regional variation of this coffee depending on where you are in the country and what coffee tools you possess. We’ll discuss these in moments, but for now, let’s focus on what Red Eye is.


The History of Red Eye

You have heard the name, maybe even tasted it a couple of times. We are discussing the Red Eye flight. Thanks to airline companies who have flights departed in the evening and land in the morning. The real “Red Eye” term comes from the symptom one might find in himself after this late-night flight. This condition is now easily controlled by the modern medicine The Visine. And the term “Red Eye” is now not frequently used, maybe because flyers started taking proper rest after their flights and medicines. Unless you consume Red Eye coffee or beer.


We have a lot of varieties of Red Eye, but most of them are different from each other because of the amount of espresso added to them.

Black Eye – This type of coffee involves the addition of two espresso shots. The coffee got its name because of the black circles that appear after you add espresso to the coffee, which already had cream in it.


Dead Eye – This type involves the addition of three espresso shots. The names refer to the high caffeine-containing coffee that could shut down your primary organs, but true coffee lovers just get refreshed and get ready for their day.


The Variations of Red Eye

You might have found that Red Eye coffee has different names and tastes depending on where you are in the world. The following list might help you to find out the name of Red Eye that your region has.


Alaska – Maybe a nod to the petroleum industry of the country, you will be calling this drink, “Sludge Cup.”


Pacific Northwest – A simple name for one shot of espresso poured into a coffee, “A Shot In The Dark.”


White moor Mine – A reference to an EastEnders dog and you need to be tough in order to digest this drink, the name is Willard Coffee.


Northern California – In some parts of the country the coffee has a scary and creative name of “Train Wreck”


US Northeastern Coast – We won’t get into the whole story and explanation, but you will be calling your drink “Mondo.”


Ulysses, Kansas – If you are living here or maybe passing through, be sure to remember the name “Oil Spill.”


Some Random Places – The coffee Red Eye is sometimes simply known as “Hammerhead.”


The Caffeine

The Red Eye contains tons of caffeine in it. But just think for a moment, if you are up all night preparing for an exam or enjoying a late-night party, the Red Eye coffee will easily keep you alert and energetic all night. Now it might skip your heart or may not even let you blink regularly, but all that depends on one’s tolerance against the caffeine.

So here is a little breakdown of caffeine in Red Eye, Black Eye, and Dead Eye.


Red Eye – So, one usual cup of brew is 8 ounces (caffeine 95 mg) + one espresso shot (caffeine 64 mg) = Red Eye (caffeine 159 mg)


Black Eye – Normal cup of coffee is 8 ounces (Caffeine 95 mg) + Two shots of espresso (caffeine 128 mg) = Black Eye (caffeine 223 mg)


Dead Eye – Usual cup of coffee (Caffeine 95 mg) + Three shots of espresso (caffeine 192 mg) = Dead Eye (caffeine 287 mg)


What did we learn from this? You can’t stay up all night studying or dancing just with a cup of coffee, what you really need is caffeine (espresso shots) in your brew to get you going. Adding three shots of espresso to your regular coffee will help you consume around 287 mg of caffeine. Sounds crazy but a good experiment.


A Green Eye too?

Yes, you heard right, The Green Eye coffee is from the Starbucks menu. It contains three shots of espresso and that’s it.

That’s their special Green Eye.


More Caffeine Means More Energy?

Coffee is also called a stimulant. And enough intake of coffee will make your nervous system go crazy. Caffeine reaches your brain once you consume the drink, and it makes our brain alert and energetic for any daily work. But always remember, too much of anything is always bad. Just like that, too much caffeine intake is not good for your body as it can cause anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, high blood pressure, increase in heart rate, fatigue, and addiction.

Just keep everything within limits, and you will be on the safe side. And if a normal cup of brew doesn’t light up your brain, you can always go with Red Eye, Black Eye, Oil Spill, Shot in The Dark, or Train Wreck, whatever you want to call. So, now you know what a Red Eye is, it is a drink that is going to help you ace that exam.


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