How to Fix Coffee Grinder?

The aroma of fresh coffee brewed with freshly ground coffee beans is what many coffee enthusiasts want in the morning. Unfortunately, your coffee grinder might decide to act up when you need it most. If something goes wrong, it will help to identify the problem and fix it with the right tools. That way, you will not miss your favorite morning cup of coffee. In this article, we will show you how to fix a coffee grinder.

fix coffee grinder

How Do Coffee Grinders Work?

Coffee grinders are small appliances designed to chop coffee beans with either spinning burrs or blades. Some are manual while others are electric. Manual grinders are portable as they do not require a power source, but require quite some elbow grease to operate. On the other hand, electric grinders are easier to use as they come with a motor that rotates the blades or burrs.


Things That Can Go Wrong With your Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is a relatively simple device. However, it may experience some problems over time. One of the most common problems associated with coffee grinders is getting clogged up with coffee grounds. When clogged up, the motor slows down and fails to grind coffee beans as needed.

Also, clogs can lead to other issues such as the electrical cord shorting out, burning out of the thermal limiter, failure of the motor shaft, malfunctioning switch, and a dull or bent blade.

You can prevent this problem by keeping the coffee grinder clean. Wipe down the bowl and blade with a piece of rag after every use. Be careful when cleaning a blade grinder since the blades are very sharp. Also, avoid immersing your electric grinder in water to prevent the motor from getting damaged.


How to Fix Coffee Grinder Problems

Here is how to identify and fix common coffee grinder problems:

    1. Grinder Fails to Turn on

If you are using an electric grinder and it fails to turn on, you may be dealing with a faulty power outlet or faulty electric cord. Test it on another outlet. If not working, check the cable for cuts. Replace the cable if damaged.

    2. Grinder Does not Stop or Runs Intermittently

If your grinder does not stop or it is running intermittently, the switch is likely damaged or clogged. To fix this problem, unplug the grinder from the outlet. Brush off any coffee grounds from the switch. Use a fine brush for this task. Also, try to depress the switch severally with a toothpick to clear any clogs. If this fix does not solve the problem, disassemble the grinder. Then clean it thoroughly. Also, check whether the switch is broken.

    3. Grinder Fails to Run When Turned on

If your grinder fails to run upon turning it on, and the power cable and power outlet seem okay, the motor shaft is likely frozen. In this case, you will need to disassemble the grinder and clean the shaft. Next, lubricate all bearing points with 1 to 2 drops of light machine oil. Then rotate the shaft to distribute the oil evenly. Assemble back your grinder and test it.

If the grinder fails to operate after cleaning and lubricating the motor shaft, you might be dealing with a burned-out thermal limiter. You can get a replacement thermal limiter and fix it. If you are unable to find a replacement, you may have to replace your grinder.

    4. Grinder Vibrates While Running

If your grinder vibrates, it might be having a bent blade. Check the blades and replace any bent, dull, or damaged blades. Vibration may also result from a worn motor bearing. You can unplug the grinder, then remove the access plate to inspect the motor bearing. Try pushing the motor shaft back and forth. If it moves, it means the motor shaft is bad. In this case, the most economical solution is to replace the grinder.

You should avoid running an electric coffee grinder while empty since the blade might spin faster than it is supposed to and damage the motor. It is also advisable to only operate a grinder for up to 30 seconds at a time. Start and stop it every 30 seconds. If you run it continuously for more than 30 seconds, you risk overhearing and damaging the motor.



Sometimes, finding replacement parts for a coffee grinder is challenging, especially if you own a less popular brand. You can check with aftermarket parts suppliers or manufacturer for replacement parts. If you are lucky to find replacement parts and you know how to fix coffee grinder, you will save a lot of money instead of buying a new grinder. However, if you are unable to find replacement parts, then you have no other choice but to replace your faulty grinder with a new one.


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