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How to Assemble a Coffee Press?

Are you a new barista or a coffee enthusiast who has just acquired a coffee press machine? Then this article is for you. This article shall explain how to set up your new coffee press without stress, how to use your French press machine, as well as tips for managing your French press machine.

assemble coffee press

French Press Machine

A French press machine immerses ground coffee in hot water and then separates the grounds from the coffee by pressing down the filter.

It is also called a coffee plunger pot and coffee press. This machine can not only be used for coffee but also tea and herbs.


Why French Press?

French Press machines are well known for making thick and aromatic coffee as it allows the coffee beans’ oil to spread well in hot water. As opposed to other coffee machines like drip machines, a French press doesn’t soak up coffee flavour; it releases it more and increases your delicious cup of coffee’s taste.


Parts of a French Press

The French Press is not complicated. It has three main parts;

  • Carafe

  • Plunger

  • Stand


A French press’s carafe is a pot that is mainly glass, metal or plastic. It also comes in different sizes and shapes


The plunger rod is an extended top of the lid and a structure disk on the bottom that is used to press the filter to the bottom of the beaker. Pressing the plunger pushes your fresh brew to the upper part of a carafe.


The stand holds the carafe to ensure that you handle your machine comfortably.


How to Assemble a French Press

Step 1: slide your pot onto the stand.

Step 2: Using the hole in the mesh filter, place the coffee plunger on the top of the metal cross pieces.

Step 3: Place the spring disk on top of the filter. Your metal rings should be facing up.

Step 4: Insert the end of the plunger into the screw on top of the metal cross piece.

Step 5: Screw the plunger clockwise to fix it into the metal cross piece.

Step 6: Your French Press machine is ready to brew!

Note: If you are not familiar with craftsmanship, you need to be extremely patient with the procedure of assembling a French press. It would help if you were extra careful because its components have a little gap to fit into one another.


How to Make a French Press Coffee

Heat your Water

Coffee takes about 98% water, so heat your water first to about 195-205 degrees. Ensure the water used is clean and well-filtered.

You can also use boiling water to preheat your machine and prepare it for the brewing process.

Measure and Grind your Coffee

It is always advisable to grind your coffee beans before brewing to preserve their quality. Take out and measure the amount of coffee needed and grind your beans coarsely.

Combine Ground Coffee and Water

Pour your coffee grounds into the pot and quickly add your hot water. It would help if you were sure you hate on the right track of the Water-Coffee- Ratio.

Steer and Steep

Steer the hot water and coffee combination together to ensure there are no dry coffee grounds in the pot. Set a timer of about 3minutes to allow the coffee to steep for that time.

Eliminate Crust

After your alarm goes off, you should have a crust-like layer of coffee grounds at the top of your coffee. Use a spoon to break up the crusts away gently.

You may scoop away the crusts if you don’t want a strong coffee.

Press and Pour

Cover the cup and press the plunger down. Once the plunger reaches the bottom, your coffee can be enjoyed however you want.

You should avoid pouring the entire content from the pot because the bottom is always highly concentrated and bitter.


Final Words

Coffee lovers and explorers often tend to get a coffee maker to ensure they take their coffee the way they love. Assembling a coffee press machine can be a bit stressful, but it is worth it for someone who loves a strong, delicious cup.

A French press machine is one of the best ways to get a solid-flavoured coffee, and getting one for yourself or your coffee business is one investment worth many.