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How to Use Bonjour Coffee Press

Coffee is one of the beverages you’ll find in most homes. When you walk into many kitchens every morning, you are sure to find a pot of coffee brewing.

Considering how expensive it can be to buy 3 or 4 cups of coffee from cafes in a day, most coffee drinkers prefer to make their own coffee at home.

Although the beverages in coffee shops taste good, we can make the same type of coffee or even better using quality coffee beans and a great coffee machine.

And one of the coffee making devices you cannot miss in most homes is a French press.

While some coffee makers are complicated to use, the French press is quite easy to operate. It also brews very strong and flavorful coffee which is what coffee drinkers like.

The Bonjour coffee press is among the top preferred French press coffee machines in the market.

In this article, we will explore what makes the Bonjour coffee press so amazing and give you tips on how to brew flavorful coffee using it.

Bonjour coffee press

What is the Bonjour Coffee Press?

You can buy a glass or metal french press, depending on your preference. The Bonjour coffee press machine is among the best French press machines in the market.

It is a chrome-plated coffee press made of stainless steel with a glass carafe that has a high-domed lid.

The Bonjour coffee press carafe is made of high-quality Borosilicate glass that’s stronger than regular glass. It is highly resistant to thermal shock and is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it while brewing coffee or cleaning it.

This French press coffee maker’s cover is connected to a plunger that comes in handy when you need to sieve grounds off your coffee. It also has a strong grip handle that you can easily hold on to when preparing coffee to avoid burning yourself on the hot carafe.

The Bonjour coffee press also has a perfectly – shaped pour spout that simplifies the process of serving coffee once it’s brewed. It usually comes with a scoop for measuring out coffee grounds during brewing.

When preparing coffee using the Bonjour coffee press, the glass carafe holds the hot water and coffee grounds needed for coffee making. As mentioned, its lid acts as a plunger and filter, eliminating the need for a filter.

So despite how simple a Bonjour coffee press looks, it comes as a complete package. You save a lot of money using it because you don’t have to buy coffee filters or plug it into an electrical socket when brewing coffee.

The Bonjour coffee press can brew between 3 and 8 cups of coffee. It is a coffee-making device you can use to sufficiently brew coffee for yourself at home or in the office. A single brewing session is enough to give you the three to four cups of coffee you need in a day.


Tips for Brewing the Best Coffee Using the Bonjour Coffee Press

The Bonjour coffee press brews coffee using the immersion brewing method. It’s a simple process that involves submerging coffee grounds in hot water for a few minutes, pressing down the coffee press plunger to sieve off the grounds, and pouring it into a mug.

It is important to preheat the Bonjour French press by pouring hot water into it before coffee making until it absorbs the heat. That will ensure there is no fluctuation in temperature during the brewing process. The coffee you brew will also stay hot for longer.

Instead of buying coffee grounds, use a coffee grinder to grind coffee beans immediately before you start brewing coffee with the Bonjour coffee press.

That will ensure you get the freshest coffee because the grounds do not get exposed to oxygen for too long before brewing resulting in less flavorful coffee.

Medium and dark roasts are best for preparing coffee using a Bonjour coffee press. The grind size you choose when preparing your coffee grounds will determine the strength of your brew. Fine coffee grounds produce strong bitter coffee, while coarse grounds produce weaker coffee.

Medium coarse-grind coffee is best for French press coffee makers. The correct measurement of grounds to use is 1 part coffee to 15 parts water ( that’s 3 tbsp of coffee grounds for every cup of water).

Steeping coffee grounds for 3 – 4 minutes when using a Bonjour coffee press guarantees the most flavorful coffee without leading to over-extraction.

Leaving coffee grounds for too long in a French press makes coffee bitter because it extends the steeping time.

So, immediately after the time you set for steeping coffee ground in a coffee press is complete, decant it into a coffee thermos or travel mug. That will keep the coffee from getting cold or bitter and keep it hot.

Always rinse out your Bonjour coffee press after coffee brewing to avoid breeding bacteria in it from a build-up of coffee remains. Note that the coffee lid and frame must always be hand-washed to avoid damaging them.


Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use the Bonjour Coffee Press

use Bonjour coffee press

What you need

Bonjour French Press

Measuring cup

Coffee grounds

Boiled water

Stirring spoon

Coffee thermos


  1. Heat water using a hot water kettle, ensuring it attains a temperature of 195 -205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Preheat the coffee carafe by pouring a cup or two of hot water into it and swishing it around to warm up the whole carafe.
  3. Scoop 3 tbsps of coffee grounds in the carafe for every cup of hot water you use to brew coffee.
  4. Stir the coffee mixture using a long spoon to ensure the coffee grounds absorb the hot water.
  5. Cover the French press, lift the plunger, and wait for 4 minutes for the coffee grounds to release their flavor through steeping. After the 4 minutes are over, press down the coffee plunger to the bottom.
  6. Rotate the mesh filter on the Bonjour press coffee maker towards the spout and decant the brewed coffee into a coffee thermos to keep it hot.
  7. Set the used coffee grounds aside for composting and rinse out the Bonjour coffee press with hot water to eliminate any coffee grounds or coffee remains.
  8. Pour a cup of coffee for yourself, sweeten it, and enjoy your hot cup of Bonjour press coffee.



That’s how to prepare coffee using a Bonjour coffee press. It’s one of the simplest and best coffee makers to use if you prefer to use the immersion method when brewing coffee.

The Bonjour coffee press is a cost-effective coffee maker because it saves you from using paper filters to brew coffee. You can also control how long you steep coffee grounds ensuring you avoid over-extraction and brew coffee that tastes just right.

It is the best coffee maker for people who want to reduce the amount of coffee waste they produce during coffee brewing. There are no coffee filters to throw away, and you can always compost the coffee grounds you use to prepare coffee.

You’ll also find that the Bonjour coffee press is a convenient and portable coffee maker to use. You can put it in a bag and travel with it on trips ensuring you don’t miss out on drinking great coffee while away from home.

So, the next time you need a coffee press maker for your home or office, the Bonjour coffee press is an ideal option.


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