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Does Mixing Coffee and Cannabis Kill Your High?

Coffee is a popular caffeinated drink in the world. Its consumption continues to increase over the years. When taken in moderation, coffee has a lot of benefits to the body. Cannabis is still a popular drug that is commonly known as marijuana. The drug has been legalized in some states but still illegal in some. However, it is becoming used among many.

What happens when you mix coffee and cannabis? Are there side effects when you mix the two?

coffee and canabis

Coffee contains caffeine that is a stimulant while cannabis acts as a depressant. The use of caffeine boosts your energy level, relieves pain, increases concentration and alertness level, and also helps in reducing stress. Cannabis contains THC and CBD that are psychoactive substances. Using cannabis gives a relaxed feeling and boosts your energy level. Cannabis is also used for medicinal purposes such as reducing pain and reducing nausea and vomiting during cancer treatment. What are the side effects of coffee and cannabis?

Side Effects of Coffee

  • Increases anxiety levels.
  • Results to jitters and shaking.
  • Irregular heartbeat.
  • Loss of sleep
  • High blood pressure.

Side Effects of Cannabis

  • Increased anxiety.
  • Your dependency rate increases.
  • Reduce memory functioning.
  • Dry mouth and eyes.
  • Increase of paranoia.
  • Reduce your concentration levels.

When caffeine and cannabis are mixed their results are different than if they were to be used alone.

Research on the effects of mixing the two is limited especially when it comes to humans. However, it is believed that when you combine two drugs it can result in complications. The two substances when combined are likely to cause paranoia or increase the levels of anxiety.

Effects of Mixing Coffee and Cannabis

  1. Different High

Research conducted on monkeys revealed that low levels of caffeine increase your high so that you don’t have to use more cannabis. However, a high level of caffeine reduces your high so that you end up using more marijuana. There is no research revealing that this is likely to happen to humans.

  1. Affects Your Memory

Research conducted on rats concluded that mixing caffeine and cannabis leads to memory impairment. Caffeine will help you improve your memory, while cannabis has an undesirable effect on your memory. Research on the combination of both showed that low amounts of THC combined with caffeine lead to memory impairment compared to how high doses of THC would on their own. There is still no research concluding mixing the substances has the same effect on humans.


To date, there isn’t research conducted proving that mixing coffee and cannabis has side effects. This doesn’t mean there are no side effects. However, mixing the substances should be done carefully, and it depends on every individual. The substances react differently depending on how long you’ve been using them, and your tolerance to them. If you’re sensitive to caffeine this means that mixing coffee with cannabis will have negative results.

Keep in mind that too much caffeine in your body is not good for your health. If you mix the two substances and you start having unusual symptoms, it is advisable to seek medical help for further guidance.


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