What Happens If You Snort Coffee?

Have you seen how snorting coffee become a trend after the show “Orange Is the New Black” showed the stunt? So, as usual, people started wondering what effects can come from snorting? If you are one of those people you might want to stick with us more as we will explain everything about this trend.

snort coffee

Drinking a good big cup of hot coffee sounds so smoothing and energetic when you are working the whole night on those projects or assignments. Now, there is a rumor spreading around that people have started snorting instead of drinking coffee.

Snorting something in a type of form can give you access directly to the brain through the nasal. It is also known as insufflation. That is why many drug users snort it, to get quick results to bring out the effects by getting high.

Drugs like cocaine and ketamine are used like this. They will go through nostrils to the mucus membrane and then directly into the bloodstream. Once they are in, they have an effect on the brain receptors and give you a psychoactive experience.

So, in simple terms, as you blow coffee through your nose it enters your blood from the nasal passage. This will provide a quicker way for the caffeine to reach your brain. This is how many drugs are used to get quickly high.

But here is the thing. These drugs are made on a parity basis, the purer the drug is the more quickly it dissolves in our body. This helps to stimulate your brain. But, as you might have already thought, coffee grounds are not pure. They are made by adding many components and chemicals. And the drug “Caffeine” is best consumed through water, which is why we drink coffee instead of eating or snorting it.

Some Of the Negative Effects of Snorting

  • Defecation
  • Blocked nasal
  • Vomiting
  • Respiratory Infection

Snorting coffee will help caffeine to reach your bloodstream to give your body an energy boost, but the drawbacks are not very worth it. The grounds you snorted won’t dissolve in your blood and will get congested in your nostril.

This will make you experience very unbearable pain. But snorting it will make you end up with infections. It can cause vomiting and defecation in a large amount.

Still, want to snort coffee? There are many other ways to it. You can try to find pure caffeine to snort. (We do not recommend doing this as it can be very dangerous). But it is for sure that this is not a very smart move to achieve energy by snorting. The side effects are very nasty if anything goes wrong.



There are zero benefits of snorting coffee than there are problems. We recommend just drinking normal coffee is good if you do not want to suffer pain.

There are more problems than benefits from snorting coffee. And there are many other ways of getting a good energy boost. Just keep an eye out for your consumption of coffee/caffeine, intake in large amounts can harm your body. It can be bad for your kidneys. So, snorting pure caffeine is bad, just as much snorting coffee beans or grounds are.

So, at last in simple terms, stick to your old coffee drinking instead of snorting anything in. It’s much safer and will give you good results.


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