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Does Coffee Cause Cellulite?

Know Everything About Caffeine and Its Relation with Cellulite, Fat reduction & Weight Loss

Caffeine is always in the talks. How or does it have a relation with fat reduction, losing weight, cellulite, or creams for cellulite. And everyone has different opinions and theories. But what is the real truth? Stick with us to know more.

coffee and cellulite.

Does Caffeine Intake Reduce Cellulite? Losing Weight Possible?

The most popular lipolytic chemical is caffeine. A lipolytic chemical is that which can break down our body fat. But everyone knows caffeine won’t help reduce weight. So, why exactly does this happen?

There is a simple answer for this. So, caffeine breaks down triglycerides which are located in your fat cells. It starts to stimulate fat cells, which releases triglycerides. However, if released fat won’t be burned for muscles or any other organs. If not used somewhere else it will get stored back into another cell.

So, in order to get rid of the released fat, you will need to use it by exercising or diet. Or it will go back in fat cells. By this method, caffeine will do nothing but moving fat from different parts of your body to another.

And if you indeed try to consume less and work out more, released fat with the help of caffeine, diet or exercise will be burned in the form of carbon dioxide and liquid(water). Our body removes carbon dioxide using lungs and water by urine or sweat. This is the reason many dieting pills or medication containing caffeine, which will release fat. The rest work of burning released fat is in your hand.



Just caffeine intake for weight loss = Fat moving from one part to another part of the body = Waste of time.

Caffeine + Sufficient exercise and diet = Weight loss.



Cellulite Creams Containing Caffeine

Cellulite creams are applied to a specific area. Cellulite creams contain caffeine and it does work. Fats are removed from the cell in the area cream is applied. So, this can help reduce those fats.

But surely if you do not do any exercise or diet, you will not see any results. As we discussed before the fat will go into the bloodstream and will be transferred back to the body. Some of the fat might even go back where they came from.

So, this is the reason you are required to do exercise and diet while using these creams. And if you won’t do it you will just lower the cream effects and waste your time and money.

If you do work out and have a proper diet while using an anti-cellulite does not matter if it has caffeine or not. And if you apply the cream to a particular area, it will start working on it. By just working a specific muscle this can be achieved and this is known as spot fat reduction.

If you will use this cream all over your body, then why not just drink brew? If you apply caffeine cream you won’t achieve a localized effect. And it is much better to just drink coffee for full body. So, it useless to use the cream on the whole body. If you are aiming to cut down a specific fat area only then consider using cellulite creams.



Caffeine Cellulite Cream + Diet or Exercise = Fat Reduction

Cellulite Cream Only = No Effect

Using Cellulite Cream Over Whole-body = Just like drinking Coffee = Fats moving from one place to another


How Cellulite Is Caused by Caffeine?

In reality, it does not. The information that cellulite is caused by caffeine is an urban myth spread by fake beauty experts around the world.

The myth was believed due to caffeine’s behavior of causing water retention after a large amount of intake. Like consuming 10 cups in a day. A diuretic is occurred in our kidneys because of the large amount of caffeine intake. Some people will get used to caffeine so much that their kidneys could become dependent.

Most of the women consume two or three cups per day of brew or tea. which is not sufficient to create water retention? But, most of them choose to adopt methods like using contraceptive pills or living sedentary. This can create a high level of water retention without excessive caffeine. Some of the other water retention causes are sugar, constipation, alcohol, or smoking.

One of the components of cellulite is water retention. But there are equally important aspects as well like skin looseness, free radical damage, inflammation, or glycation. And caffeine can’t cause any of these.

Causes of water retention are living sedentary, sugar, fried food, crabs, smoking, and alcohol. But caffeine is not.


How Coffee Affects Metabolism

The effect of caffeine on metabolism depends on the person’s liver. How the liver neutralizes caffeine. Some even get jittery after drinking one cup, then how can they even think of consuming more than 3-4. If still, they do push their limits they will exhaust their nervous system and adrenal glands in a couple of days.

While some can even sleep holding the cup in hand. This means these people need more amount of caffeine to work on them. Because a low amount of active caffeine can make its way to organs and different tissues.

So, women who have sensitive livers will have a huge impact on a small amount of coffee, while there are those who would not even feel a thing.



For people who don’t consume above three cups of coffee or any drinks like green tea/normal tea, red bull, etc every day. Caffeine will/cannot be the reason for cellulite.

And people who consume more than 10 cups are not making a smart move of creating cellulite with this method. Why? because of the sugar, these drinks will contain.

And at last, for those who are in between who drink 5-6 cups every day and are having a cellulite problem. We will assume caffeine is just responsible for the 10% with having things on the side like a non-active lifestyle, drinking, smoking, bad diet, etc will be responsible for the rest 90%.


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