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Do Frappuccinos Have Coffee?

It is overwhelming to read through the coffee shop menu and find coffee terms and coffee customization options that you have no idea of. You don’t know what to order because you know little to nothing regarding a specific type of coffee, the ingredients, etc.


cold frappe coffee with whipped cream and caramel


In this article, we will answer one common question: do Frappuccinos have coffee? In addition, we will discuss everything you need to know about Frappuccino. Let’s begin!


What’s A Frappuccino?

A Frappuccino is a cold drink that contains a blended mixture of whole milk, sugar, ice, and different flavors. Some of the flavors in a Frappuccino include caramel, chocolate, raspberry, pineapple, mint, lemon, coconut, cherry, and strawberry.

Frappuccinos are more like milkshakes, with the only difference being the many flavors in a Frappuccino than in milkshakes. Frappuccinos are of a wide variety, and each is prepared differently from the other. They contain different sauces, different flavors, and different toppings. Usually, Frappuccinos are topped with whipped cream, spices, or flavored syrup.

Frappuccino is one of the most popular Starbucks drinks. The drink was trademarked in 1995 by Starbucks. Trademarked means that only Starbucks can sell frappuccino coffee drinks. The first Starbucks flavors were mocha and coffee. Frappuccino was introduced by a Starbucks employee who was permitted by Starbucks to experiment with a blended iced coffee. The coffee became a hit in Los Angels, and two years later, it was launched by Starbucks at every location in Canada and United States.


Does a Frappuccino Contain Coffee

Not all frappuccinos contain coffee. Depending on what you order, some frappucinos contain coffee, others leave out coffee in their recipe and add caffeine in the recipe, while others leave out coffee and caffeine in their recipe.

However, all frappuccinos in the coffee menu have coffee in them, while all frappuccinos in the creme-based menu have no coffee, but they may have caffeine. The caffeine concentration in frappucino is different from that of regular coffee. The caffeine concentration in frappuccinos is low and might not be good enough if you’re looking for something concentrated to start your day, and instead, regular coffee will do.


So, which frappuccinos have coffee?

As mentioned earlier, coffee frappuccinos have coffee. The best way to be sure of a frappuccino that has coffee in it is to ask a barista. Some coffee-based frappuccinos contain more caffeine concentration and calories than others. Here is a list of coffee-based frappuccinos with caffeine concentrations and the number of calories present.

  • Caramel ribbon crunch – 85 milligrams of caffeine – 470 calories
  • Caramel frappuccino – 90 milligrams of caffeine – 380 calories
  • Caffe vanilla frappuccino – 95 milligrams of caffeine – 400 calories
  • Coffee frappuccino – 95 milligrams of caffeine – 230 calories
  • Espresso frappuccino – 155 milligrams of caffeine – 210 calories
  • Java chip frappuccino – 105 milligrams of caffeine – 440 calories
  • Mocha cookie crumble – 95 milligrams of caffeine – 480 calories
  • Mocha frappuccino – 100 milligrams of caffeine – 370 calories
  • White chocolate mocha – 95 milligrams of caffeine – 410 calories
  • Strawberry funnel cake – 85 milligrams of caffeine – 410 calories
  • Strawberry funnel cake creme – 0 milligrams of caffeine – 380 calories

The caffeine concentration may vary depending on the changes you request the barista to make on the original recipe of the frappuccino drink when ordering. You can choose to lower the number of calories and caffeine concentration in your drink. However, note that a change in the recipe will automatically change the overall taste of your frappuccino. Here are some tips you can use if you want to lower the calories in your frappuccino.

  • Use fewer base pumps when making your frappuccino drink.
  • Switch the whole milk to non-fat or low fat. Starbucks offers a non-fat alternative, half and half, 2% or heavy cream for those who don’t mind the calories.
  • If you’re vegan or not a dairy fan, switch the milk with a non-dairy alternative. Starbucks offers coconut, soy, and almond as milk alternatives.

You can also use cream instead of milk to add the number of calories in your frappuccino.

The list above familiarizes you with the ingredients used to make frappuccino drinks.  With that, you can order as well as make ingredient adjustments to the frappuccino drink you want.


Frappuccinos Without Coffee

Frappuccinos without coffee are also known as frappuccino blended creme.  If you want to avoid coffee consumption, you can try having them. They are more of desserts than wake-up coffee.

Some creme-based frappuccinos have more caffeine and calorie concentration than others. Here is a list of creme-based frappuccinos, their caffeine concentrations, and the number of calories in them.

  • Double chocolate chip frappuccino – 15 milligrams of caffeine – 410 calories
  • Vanilla bean creme frappuccino – 0 milligrams of caffeine – 380 calories
  • Matcha green tea frappuccino – 70 milligrams of caffeine – 420 calories
  • Caramel ribbon crunch creme – 0 milligrams of caffeine – 420 calories
  • Strawberry frappuccino – 0 milligrams of caffeine – 370 calories
  • Chai creme frappuccino – 40 milligrams of caffeine – 340 calories
  • Chocolate cookie crumble – 15 milligrams of caffeine – 460 calories
  • White chocolate creme – 0 milligrams of caffeine – 380 calories


Contents of a Starbucks Frappuccino

As mentioned earlier, a frappuccino is a cold drink that contains blended ingredients. It is made of blended milk, ice, sugar, and syrup, then added toppings to make it creamier and sweet.

One of the most common questions regarding frappuccino contents is whether all frappuccinos are made of espresso coffee. Well, the answer is no. The only frappuccino made of espresso coffee is the espresso frappuccino.

The other types of frappuccinos are made of a specific number of frappuccino roast pumps. This roast is made of powdered coffee and cold water combined at room temperature,  just like instant coffee.

The more the number of frappuccino roast pumps in your cup of coffee, the more the caffeine concentration and the stronger the flavor of the frappuccino drink. So, if you want a frappuccino that is caffeine-concentrated, you can ask the barista to add more frappuccino roast pumps while preparing the drink.

You can also ask the barista to make your cup of frappuccino using an espresso shot. However, the taste and consistency of the drink will be different and not appealing. This is because a shot of espresso is made hot, and by adding the hot espresso to the cold blended frappuccino coffee, the result may be watery coffee.

Note that every frappuccino is made with a certain number of frappuccino roast pumps. Some examples of the most popular frappuccinos made with three frappuccino roast pumps are:

  • Strawberry funnel cake
  • Java chip
  • Mocha cookie crumble
  • Espresso
  • Caramel ribbon cream
  • Caffe vanilla
  • White chocolate mocha
  • Mocha frappuccino

Let’s now look at how to make a frappuccino at home.


How to Make a Frappuccino at Home?

Before making a frappuccino at home, note that it is difficult to duplicate the Starbucks frappuccino flavor and texture at home. This is because the frappuccino roast pumps are not commercially available. In this case, you’ll have to slightly compromise on the homemade frappuccino flavor.

To make a homemade frappuccino, you’ll need a blender, some ice cubes, a cup of milk, a sweetener, a cup of coffee or cooled espresso, and some syrup – 2 tablespoons.

Blend all the ingredients until all the ice cubes are completely crushed, and you have a uniform consistency.

Transfer the mixture to a cup and top it with your favorite spice, sauce such as caramel, or flavored syrup, then add some whipped cream.


What is the Difference Between Frappuccino and Frappe?

A frappe is a popular drink in Greek and is made with instant coffee, sugar, and cold water. The ingredients are whisked together to make a frothy mixture, which is then mixed with ice and milk.

Frappuccino and frappe are known to be the same across the world apart from in Greek. They are ideally the same thing: cold blended coffee.



As a coffee connoisseur, it is necessary to know the ingredients in your cup of coffee. This will help you make informed decisions, and it becomes easy for you to get what you exactly want. The next time you are in Starbucks, you will know the frappuccino order to place depending on your tastes.


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