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Does Coffee Liqueur Have Caffeine?

Coffee liqueur is a combination of coffee and alcohol. Usually, the most well-known and sold coffee liqueur in the market is Kahlua. Apart from Kahlua, there are other brands of coffee liqueur that are sold, and on top of that, you can make your coffee liqueur at home. A coffee liqueur is usually added a lot of sugar to counterpart the sharp taste of alcohol.

In this article, we will answer the question: does coffee liqueur have caffeine, and we will discuss the amount of caffeine present in coffee liqueur.

creamy coffee liqueur with caramel

Does Coffee Liqueur Have Caffeine? 

The presence of caffeine in coffee liquor depends on the brand of the liqueur. Coffee liqueurs that are commercially produced fall under two categories. These are the mass-produced coffee liqueurs such as Kahlua and the micro coffee liqueurs produced under small operations.

Most of the coffee liqueur brands mention whether there is caffeine present in them or not. Some people rely on caffeine, and this type of information is important to them. On the other hand, some caffeine-sensitive people don’t consume caffeine, or when they consume it, they suffer from adverse side effects.

Depending on the brand of coffee liqueur, there are some liqueurs with caffeine, some with less caffeine, and others without caffeine. It can be risky to mix stimulants and depressants, and that is why some coffee liqueurs lack caffeine.

However, most of the mass-produced coffee liqueurs have caffeine in them. So, if you’re looking for a caffeinated coffee liqueur, you are sure to find one, and yes, some coffee liqueurs have caffeine.


How Much Caffeine is in Coffee Liqueurs?

The amount of caffeine present in the coffee liqueur depends on the brand of the coffee liqueur. Caffeine concentration varies from brand to brand because different brands have different production processes.

Some brands can contain a noticeable amount of caffeine, while others contain an unnoticeable amount of caffeine. For most coffee liqueurs, the amount of caffeine is unnoticeable because these drinks are meant to be alcoholic, and coffee is just some added flavor to the liqueur. However, the caffeine amount present in the coffee liqueur may be noticeable if you are a caffeine-sensitive person.


Let’s look at the caffeine concentration in Kahlua since it is the most selling coffee liqueur brand.


Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

First, Kahlua coffee liqueur is made from sugar, rum, and Arabica coffee beans. The alcohol content for a regular Kahlua is 20%, while the alcohol content for Kahlua especial is 36%.

Kahlua has some caffeine concentration which is from the Arabica coffee beans used to make the liqueur.


How Much Caffeine is in Kahlua?

Research has it that there are 100 milligrams of caffeine in one liter of Kahlua liqueur. For a one and a half ounces glass of liqueur, there are five milligrams of caffeine. Usually, your eight-ounce hot cup of coffee has between 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams depending on the type of coffee.

On the other hand, a twelve-ounce can of soda has between 10 milligrams of caffeine and 30 milligrams of caffeine. This means that the caffeine in Kahlua liqueur is detectable but unnoticeable unless you are caffeine sensitive. It is hard to experience the effects of coffee from Kahlua liqueur.

However, for a liqueur brand that is trying to imitate coffee in both taste and effects, the caffeine concentration may be more. In short, the concentration of caffeine in coffee liqueur entirely depends on the brand of the liqueur.

The amount of caffeine in Kahlua cannot keep you awake at night. So, if you’re worried whether the liqueur will give you a sleepless night, worry no more. You are safe to consume the liqueur in the evening.


How to Make Coffee Liqueur at Home

For a homemade coffee liqueur, it is difficult to imitate the syrupy flavor of Kahlua coffee liqueur. However, you can use your favorite coffee and liqueur to make a homemade coffee liqueur.



One cup brewed coffee

Half a cup of dark brown sugar

Half a cup of warm water

One cup of your preferred liqueur

One vanilla bean

Some flavor – optional



  • Mix the sugar and warm water to make some syrup.
  • Mix the brewed coffee, liqueur, and syrup in a pitcher.
  • Toss the bean in the pitcher.
  • Give the liqueur two weeks as you stir occasionally.
  • After two weeks, enjoy your liqueur.



A mixture of coffee and alcohol gives your cup of joe another pleasant taste. Adding alcohol is one of the ways to flavor your cup of coffee. For our topic today, there is no specific caffeine concentration in coffee liqueur. The caffeine concentration varies from one brand to another. However, we have seen that there are coffee liqueurs with caffeine. So, we have the answer to our topic. Yes, some coffee liqueurs contain caffeine.


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