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What is Koma Coffee?

Koma coffee is a type of coffee grown on Baker mountain in the US. It is commonly referred to as Koma Kulshan coffee after Mt. Baker, where it is grown at 4000 feet above sea level.

The Arabica coffee beans used to make Koma Kulshan coffee are shade-grown, organic coffee beans. This fantastic coffee has also earned fair trade coffee certification.

Koma coffee is a medium-light roast coffee characterized by flavorful, rich chocolate flavors. It produces a refreshing brew to be enjoyed in the afternoon or after a meal.

Coffee made using Koma coffee beans is characterized by a mix of earthy, fruity aromas. It has an intense chocolate flavor with a lingering aftertaste of cocoa that makes it a great accompaniment to chocolate desserts.

You can use koma coffee beans to prepare lattes, mochas, and cold brews. Here is how to use it in coffee making.

koma coffee

How to Brew Mocha Coffee Using Koma Coffee Beans

Mocha coffee is a chocolate-flavored coffee made with Arabica or Robusta coffee beans.

Chocolate-flavored arabica coffee beans such as Koma coffee can make excellent vibrantly flavored mocha coffee.

The best coffee brewing method for Koma coffee is the French Press method, a form of immersion-based coffee brewing.

The immersion process is perfect for brewing coffee with flavor-packed coffee beans like Koma coffee beans because it ensures even extraction.

Cold brew coffee brewing also extracts the most flavor from Koma coffee beans for the same reason.

These methods of coffee brewing bring out the sweetness of these coffee beans and their rich chocolate and caramel flavors to create a boldly-flavored smooth brew.

Koma coffee beans make the best mocha coffee because they are less bitter than espresso coffee beans. Here’s how to brew Mocha with Koma Kulshan coffee beans.


Koma Coffee Mocha Recipe


2 tbsp Koma coffee grounds

2 cups of steamed whole milk

A tbsp of cocoa powder

3 cups of hot water

Whipped cream

Chocolate syrup


  1. Brew 2 cups of strong coffee using koma coffee grounds in a french press or drip coffee maker.
  2. Gently steam the milk in a saucepan on low heat until bubbles form on the side.
  3. Froth the milk in a jug using a hand-held milk frother until it doubles in size and creates rich foam.
  4. Pour the hot coffee into a mug, and stir in the cocoa powder and chocolate syrup.
  5. Gently tilt the milk jug and pour the steamed milk into the mocha coffee.
  6. Scoop the milk foam onto the coffee, add some whipped cream, and sprinkle chocolate shavings on it.


Cold Brew Koma Coffee

Arabica coffee beans, such as koma coffee, have a high natural sugar content that sweetens cold brew coffees.

They produce flavorful and aromatic sweet coffee when steeped in water for hours during cold brew coffee making. This is unlike the bitter flavors we get from Espresso coffee beans due to their high caffeine content.

You can prepare a smooth, chocolate-flavored, sweet cold brew coffee using Koma coarse coffee grounds. Here’s how.


200 g coarse Koma coarse coffee grounds

32 oz cold water

1/2 cup half-and-half milk

Glass jug with a tight lid

Metal strainer

Caramel or chocolate-flavored syrup


  1. Pour coffee grounds into a glass jug and add water to the halfway mark. Let the coffee grounds steep for a few minutes.
  2. Add the remaining water to the coffee mixture and stir. Cover the jug of coffee tightly and put it in the fridge for 12 – 24 hours.
  3. Once the desired brewing time is over, remove the jug of cold brew coffee from the fridge and sieve out the coffee grounds.
  4. Pour some cold brew koma coffee into a tall coffee glass, add some half-and-half to it along with flavored syrup, and stir.
  5. Store the remaining cold brew coffee in mason jars and tightly close the lids. Keep the cold brew in the fridge for your daily use.



Now you know something about Koma Kulshan coffee and its origin. This light-bodied coffee is the right choice for people who like coffee beans with chocolate and caramel flavors.

Koma coffee makes full-bodied, smooth coffee that you can have with most chocolate desserts such as tiramisu, chocolate croissants, or truffles.

Buy a bag of these beans and use them to make coffee using our recommended recipe.

You can buy Koma coffee online from Amazon or in grocery stores such as Walmart. There are also coffee roasters who package and sell these coffee beans, such as Fidalgo coffee roasters.



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