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Coffee Types

What is Gold Coffee?

Throughout the years, new trends and creative ideas continue to spur in the coffee industry. From different coffee shop trends and brewing methods to specialty blends and flavor additives. Generally, coffee manufacturers as well as the coffee industry continually find new ways to satisfy everyone’s needs. Among them is a trend known as gold coffee which was pioneered by the Gold Ratio Coffee company. In this article, we’ll answer the question, “what’s gold coffee” and discuss everything you need to know about it. Read on

gold coffee

What is Gold Coffee?

Gold coffee is a coffee variety that’s roasted for a shorter amount of time and at a lower temperature than other roasting styles. The aim of the slow roasting process of the coffee beans is to achieve a light roast that’s similar to a blonde roast. However, gold roast and blonde roast are in different categories and shouldn’t be confused.

What’s more, gold coffee tastes milder when compared to regular brews. The color and taste are similar to that of tea. However, the caffeine content in gold coffee is five times that of regular coffee. Therefore, gold coffee is an ideal drink for coffee drinkers who are seeking an extra caffeine kick without the bitterness that’s associated with traditional roasts.

Equally important, gold coffee has a much lower acidity compared to other coffee types. The lower acidity is due to the extremely light nature of the roasted coffee beans. As a result, the drink is ideal for coffee lovers who struggle with stomach discomfort because of the acid in coffee. Here are some general characteristics of gold coffee:

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Less acidic
  • No bitterness
  • Vegan and Ket
  • o-friendly
  • Made of single-origin coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua


Gold Coffee Roasting Process

As mentioned earlier, gold coffee is roasted at low temperatures and for a short duration to achieve the lightest roast possible. On the coffee spectrum, gold coffee falls between a light roast and white coffee. It is an ultralight roast that’s lighter than a blonde roast and that is close to not being roasted. Gold coffee resembles tea as a result of its golden color. Due to the slow roasting process, gold coffee has low acidity levels as well as high caffeine content. Additionally, the low temperatures applied in the roasting process allow gold coffee to retain antioxidants and other healthy compounds found in coffee. Therefore, not only is gold coffee gentle on your stomach and taste buds but also beneficial to the human body as a result of antioxidants and other healthy compounds in coffee.


What Does Gold Coffee Taste Like?

Gold coffee tastes milder and sweeter compared to other coffees. This is because the coffee beans are lightly roasted and they don’t lose their natural sweetness. Most people who’ve tasted gold coffee claim that the taste slightly resembles that of tea. Additionally, gold coffee tastes smooth without the bitterness and burn associated with other coffee roasts due to the light roasting of the beans. What’s more, gold coffee has lower acidity levels making the brew smoother and bitter-free for people who struggle with the acid effects of coffee.

An original gold coffee blend has some nutty, chocolate, bright, and floral notes. What’s more, high-quality gold coffee flavors are all natural to retain the smooth taste of the coffee. Gold coffee can come in vanilla flavor too.


How Much Caffeine Content is in Gold Coffee?

When it comes to caffeine content, gold coffee contains more caffeine than other brews since the coffee beans are roasted for a shorter duration. Gold coffee contains five times the caffeine content in the regular brew. Therefore, gold coffee is ideal for coffee lovers looking for an extra caffeine kick without the bitterness and acidity associated with other coffee roasts.


Benefits of Gold Coffee

Gold coffee retains most of the healthy compounds found in coffee beans and it’s, therefore, a healthy option for coffee drinkers. This is a result of the light roasting process and the low temperatures used that ensure most of the healthy compounds such as antioxidants aren’t destroyed by heat. Some of the benefits of gold coffee include:

  1. Gentle on the Stomach

Acid reflux is a common complaint for coffee lovers. This is because coffee causes your stomach to produce more acid. However, you won’t experience high acidity with gold coffee since it’s lightly roasted thus less acidic. What’s more, gold coffee is less bitter and an excellent choice for those who can’t tolerate the bitterness of coffee.

  1. Boosts Your Energy Levels

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that fights fatigue and thus increases your alertness levels as well as boosts your energy levels. Gold coffee contains five times the caffeine in regular coffee. Therefore, gold coffee will give you extra energy and increase your mental alertness.

  1. Promotes Weight Loss

Generally, coffee is known for promoting weight loss by boosting your metabolism levels. However, the creamers and sugars added to it can increase the calories in your drink. Gold coffee is smooth and delicious and you don’t need to add sugar or creamers to make it taste good. Therefore, gold coffee will help promote weight loss without adding calories to the cup.

  1. Stains Your Teeth Less 

While drinking too much regular coffee will stain your teeth, gold coffee is exceptional. This is because gold coffee is light in color and won’t stain your teeth the same way that regular coffee will.



Gold coffee is a coffee variety that’s lightly roasted at low temperatures and for a short period. The brew is ideal for coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs as a result of the acid in coffee. Additionally, gold coffee contains five times the caffeine in regular coffees, and it’s, therefore, a perfect drink to boost your energy levels. Gold coffee has nutty, chocolate, floral and bright flavor notes. Also, gold coffee has a taste and color that’s similar to tea and can be a new experience for coffee drinkers.