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What is Doppio Coffee?

Doppio coffee is an espresso-based beverage made of two shots of espresso. Doppio is an Italian word meaning double. The double shot of espresso is extracted using a larger-sized portafilter and the resulting drink is 60ml, which is double a single espresso shot.

In Italy, ordering doppio coffee will get you double shots of espresso. Doppio espresso is the ideal drink for espresso lovers and those who wish that their drink would last longer. This article will discuss more about doppio espresso including how to make it at home. Read on!

Doppio coffee is made in a similar way as a standard espresso. Additionally, the coffee has a similar great taste as an espresso. However, unlike espresso, doppio coffee gives you a little extra energy to carry out your daily activities. Doppio coffee’s introduction to the United States was done by the Starbucks Coffee Company.

doppio coffee


Where Can You Order Doppio from?

You can order doppio coffee in almost all cafes. Most cafe menus such as those across Pacific Northwest, San Francisco, and Los Angeles will name the coffee doppio. Additionally, Starbucks menus call the coffee doppio.

However, in some other countries, you may have to specify the order since the name doppio coffee isn’t familiar to some. Cafes in Australia call doppio coffee a double shot. Alternatively, you can make your doppio coffee at home instead of ordering one in a coffee shop. Here’s how to do that.


How to Make Doppio Coffee

As mentioned earlier, doppio coffee is made in a similar way as espresso coffee. However, you’ll have to double the volume. Doppio coffee is made using freshly ground espresso beans. The quality and freshness of the coffee beans affect how your espresso or doppio coffee tastes.

Just like espresso, you’ll need finely grounded roasted coffee beans since a thick grind will lead to a weak and tasteless espresso. The coffee grounds are then brewed to produce espresso shots.

Here is a step-by-step guide on making doppio coffee.

  1. Run hot water to preheat your portafilter and your doppio cup
  2. Grind the roasted espresso beans into a fine texture
  3. Fill your double-sized portafilter with 18 grams of coffee grounds. Do not tamp the grounds yet
  4. Hit the portafilter on the sides so that your coffee grounds may settle
  5. Use force to tamp your coffee grounds in one motion so they are flat and even
  6. Pull your doppio espresso within 25 and 30 seconds. You should extract 60ml of doppio espresso.
  7. Add your optional flavors
  8. Enjoy your doppio coffee

Doppio coffee is served either black or with organic heavy cream in Italy. On the other hand, doppio coffee is served with non-fat milk, sweetened flavorings, a splash of soy, or topped with foam in the United States. Despite your choice of customization, doppio coffee is traditionally served in black.


What Does Doppio Coffee Taste Like

Doppio coffee tastes just like an espresso, but with a concentrated coffee flavor and aroma. A perfectly extracted cup of doppio coffee should have a perfect balance between acidic, sweet, and bitter flavor notes.

Additionally, the flavor notes in doppio coffee are determined by the type of espresso beans used. The flavor notes can vary from earthy and nutty or sweet and fruity. You can order a few different espresso blends to try and discover your best blend and flavor.



How Does Doppio Coffee Differ from Espresso?

The difference between doppio espresso and espresso lies in the serving size and caffeine concentration. While espresso is served in 1oz, doppio espresso is served in 2oz. Additionally, the caffeine concentration in doppio coffee is more than that in espresso. An espresso shot contains 70 to 80 milligrams, while doppio espresso has 140-160 milligrams of caffeine.


How Much Doppio Coffee Should You Drink?

As mentioned earlier, doppio coffee contains 140 to 160 milligrams of caffeine. The recommended amount of caffeine you should consume daily is 400 milligrams. The 400 milligrams include caffeine from other sources such as energy drinks and sodas.

For doppio coffee, you should consume a maximum of two to three cups. However, if you want to experience Doppio coffee without the high caffeine content, you can try decaf doppio. Decaffeinated doppio has 10 to 30 milligrams of caffeine.


Can You Make Doppio Coffee Without a Coffee Machine?

You cannot make doppio coffee without a coffee machine. This is because an espresso machine achieves the required pressure to pull out perfect shots of espresso. Additionally, you can make espresso using a Moka pot, a Nespresso machine, or a French press. However, ensure that your doppio coffee is a larger serving.


What is an Iced Doppio Coffee?

An iced doppio is iced coffee that contains double shots of espresso. It is an ideal summer drink. You can make it at home using an espresso machine, or a Nespresso machine.