What is a Long Shot Coffee?

Coffee menus are full of different coffee drinks to pick from. There are classic coffee drinks such as cafe cappuccino, lattes, macchiato, etc. However, things go deeper when it comes to the coffee world. This article will explore long-shot coffee. Let’s begin.

A long shot coffee is also known as lungo which is an Italian word for short. A long shot coffee is another way used to extract coffee using an espresso machine from ground coffee beans. The beverage has a similar taste to the regular espresso shot but the quantity of the beverage is larger. The process of making a long shot coffee involves changing the amount of water you would have used to make an espresso shot.

Usually, a regular espresso shot uses one ounce of water for seven grams of coffee grounds. For a long shot of coffee, 1.5 to 2oz of water is used for the same grams of coffee grounds as regular coffee.

Additionally, a long shot of coffee brews for a longer period of time compared to a regular espresso shot. Typically, a long shot coffee brews for 30 to 40 seconds, while a regular espresso brews for 20 seconds. In France, the long shot coffee is known as cafe allonge, which translates as “to draw out” or “to elongate” in English. Generally, ordering a cafe allonge in France gets you a longer shot compared to ordering a lungo elsewhere in the world.

lungo coffee


How Does a Long Shot Espresso Taste?

A long-shot coffee taste depends on how well the beverage is made. A perfect long shot coffee tastes more like an espresso shot. However, a long shot coffee will taste slightly more bitter than an espresso shot. When extracting an espresso shot, you only extract the required amount of flavors from the coffee grounds. Over-extraction may lead to bitter or burnt coffee as a result of over-extracted flavors. Over-extraction can easily happen when extracting a long shot coffee since flavors continue to extract from the grounds after the best flavors have been extracted.


Does Long Shot Coffee Contain More Caffeine?

A long shot of coffee contains more caffeine than a shot of espresso since flavors in coffee beans are over-extracted.  Thus more caffeine is extracted than a regular shot.

Lungo Vs Ristretto

The main difference between a long shot coffee or lungo and a ristretto is the amount of water used in the beverages. A ristretto is made using half the amount of water used in a regular espresso shot. On the other hand, a lungo is made using double the amount of water used in a regular espresso shot.

Lungo Vs Americano

A long shot coffee or a lungo and Americano coffee are often confused since the two beverages add water to espresso. The difference between these two beverages is that a long shot coffee involves passing more water through the grounds, while Americano coffee involves adding hot water to a standard shot of espresso that’s been brewed. Additionally, an Americano is less strong and less bitter than a long-shot coffee since less water is used during extraction.

Lungo Vs Double Espresso

While lungo and double espresso use more water than a regular shot of espresso, these beverages have some differences. A long shot coffee uses 1.5 to 2oz of water for 7 grams of coffee grounds, while a double espresso shot uses 2 to 2.5oz of water for 14 to 20 grams of coffee. Additionally, a long shot coffee extends the brewing time, while a double espresso takes the same brewing time as a regular espresso shot. A double espresso is also less bitter than a lungo since the coffee doesn’t over-extract.


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