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What Is a Coffee Bomb?

The average adult coffee lover drinks coffee at least twice daily in every country where coffee is present. Coffee has been a favorite beverage in many households for centuries. For some people, they like their coffee flavored.

Depending on personal preferences or coffee culture, coffee might be plain black, with milk or creamer or other dairy products, mixed with chocolate, added sugar or other sweeteners, or chilled to make iced coffee. For those who love their coffee sweet without excessive fattening sugars, coffee bombs are worth a try. But what is a coffee bomb? Let’s find out.

coffee bomb

What are Coffee Bombs?

A coffee bomb refers to a chocolate sphere filled with cocoa powder, espresso, and marshmallows. Simply put, it is a molded chocolate ball. Sometimes, it does not have marshmallow fillings. A coffee bomb is consumed by placing it in a mug, then pouring hot coffee or milk into the mug. The hot milk or coffee melts the molded chocolate such that it explodes to release the flavoring and fillings it contains into your drink.

Ingredients Used in Making a Coffee Bomb

It is possible to make coffee bombs at home. The best part about making them is that you only need a few readily available ingredients. Probably, you have most of them in your kitchen. Here are the required ingredients:

  • Instant espresso– The best coffee to use is instant espresso. Although you can use instant coffee powder, it will not give your coffee a strong taste like espresso powder. If you are watching your daily caffeine intake, you can use decaffeinated coffee powder.
  • Mini marshmallows– Although they are optional, they make a great addition to coffee bombs. You will love to see the marshmallows pop out when your coffee bombs explode.
  • Chocolate chippings– For the best results, use both white chocolate and regular dark chocolate chippings. They create the outer chocolate shell that keeps the cocoa mix, marshmallows, and espresso in place.
  • Hot cocoa mix– You can sweeten your coffee drink with hot cocoa mix. It gives the coffee a rich flavor like that of mocha.
  • Sweetener– Add sugar or a sweetener of your choice. However, this is optional since the chocolate adds sweetness to the coffee. Thus, if you must add a sweetener, do it moderately.

Tools Needed to Make a Coffee Bomb

There are certain tools and supplies you will need to make coffee bombs at home including:

  • Small mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups
  • Spoons
  • Microwave safe plate
  • Gloves
  • Half-circle silicone mold


How to Make Coffee Bombs

Now that you know what coffee bombs are, it will also help to know how to make them. Here are a few, simple steps to follow:

Step 1- Melt your chocolate chippings

Add the white and dark chocolate chippings to two different microwave-safe mixing bowls. Do not mix the chocolates. Place the bowls in your microwave and melt the chocolate in intervals of 30 seconds. Stir the chocolate after every interval. Stirring and melting the chocolate in intervals will allow for even melting and prevent burning. The chocolate should melt in about 60 to 90 seconds.

Step 2- Make the bombs

Add about 1 tablespoon of chocolate into the half-circle silicone mold. Coat the mold with the melted chocolate with the help of the back surface of a spoon. Ensure the whole half-circle is coated with melted chocolate. You can start by coating it with white chocolate, followed by dark chocolate. Swirl the mold to get a marbled effect. Place the silicone mold in your freezer for about 5 minutes to harden them.

Step 3- Fill with inner ingredients

Add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to half of the half circles. For instance, if you have 8 half circles, you will fill 4 of them and leave 4 empty. Next, top with a teaspoon of espresso powder. Then add some mini marshmallows. Fill the half circles as much as possible.

Step 4- Start sealing the bombs

Warm a microwave-safe plate in your microwave. It should be warm when you touch it but not very hot. Take an empty half circle and press it on the warm plate lightly. Doing so will melt the chocolate just a little. Next, place the empty half-circle over the filled half-circle to form a full sphere. Run your finger around the seam to seal it with the warmed chocolate. Repeat until you have completed making all the spheres. You can wear gloves if you do not want to get your hands messy while handling the chocolate.

Step 5- Start using the coffee bombs

Your coffee bombs are now ready. To use them, place one of them in your coffee mug. Next, pour hot milk or coffee over the coffee bomb. The hot milk will melt the chocolate on the coffee bomb and the ingredients inside will leak out. Stir to dissolve the ingredients. Enjoy drinking your hot coffee bomb beverage.


Flavors Used in Making Coffee Bombs

One of the most commonly used extra ingredients in making coffee bombs is powdered coffee creamer. There are many flavor combinations you can use including cinnamon, caramel, pumpkin, French vanilla, hazelnut, peppermint, or mocha. If you enjoy your coffee with an added coffee bomb, then avoid adding extra additives or sweeteners. Any extra sweeteners will make your coffee taste too sugary. Preferably, add a milk base or cream.



What is a coffee bomb? After reading through this article, you now know that a coffee bomb is simply a chocolate-coated sphere containing espresso powder, cocoa powder, and sometimes mini marshmallows. As you can see, they are easy to make at home and use. When making coffee bombs, feel free to add ingredients and flavors of your choice depending on your taste preferences.