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What Happens If You Only Drink Coffee and Don’t Eat?

Coffee comes second as the most popular beverage consumed after water. Most people consider their coffee fixes as an absolute necessity every day. Due to this, they take coffee first thing in the morning and may or may not consume any other thing till later in the day.

drink coffee without eating

The rate at which people consume coffee has raised a myriad of questions, such as “does drinking coffee without eating have any effect on the body? If it does, what are the effects?” This article shall give answers to these questions and others related to them.


Why do People Take Coffee

People take coffee for different reasons. For many people, coffee is just an early morning beverage they rely upon for energy to get through the day. For some, the smell and taste are just enough, and there are some sets of people who take it because they see people do so.

Let’s discuss the top reasons why people take coffee


Health Benefits

Research has shown that coffee beans contain antioxidants and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, and vitamins. Taking coffee can help promote a lot of health benefits such as allowing a healthy heart, reducing the chance of depression, and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and liver cancer.

Also, the caffeine in coffee helps increase energy levels, makes you feel less tired, improves productivity and brain functions, and helps burn fat.



Drinking coffee goes beyond daily routine for some people; it is part of their culture. There is an Italian tradition of taking espresso after dinner. This culture is taken so seriously that it is almost taboo to have dinner without coffee.

Aside from that, many workplaces have cultivated the habit of having a coffee break to cool their heads and unwind. Some homes take coffee as part of their daily must-do-activities, which is very hard to break.



Just as we fall in love with some meals because of their taste, people choose coffee over other beverages because of its taste. These sets of people have researched different coffee flavours and recipes that suit their taste buds.

It is safe to say these people are addicted to the coffee taste and won’t choose any other beverage over it.



Caffeine in coffee has a psychoactive substance that can alter brain function. People who take coffee in large quantities daily are more likely to get addicted to coffee usage.

To these people, not drinking coffee is like not being able to breathe; they can’t function without it.

Unfortunately, this has side effects.


What Happens if you Drink Coffee and Don’t Eat?

We react to things differently. Drinking coffee without eating may be just fine for some people, but just as quite a lot of people have allergies, coffee may also take a toll if someone drinks it without eating.

Drinking coffee without eating may cause one or all of the following:

Rapid Effect

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, it takes about 45minutes for caffeine to get absorbed in the body. However, it can be affected by a couple of things. Among these things is the food in your gut. Having food in you when you take coffee slows down the process of caffeine taking effect.

However, this varies according to body type because the effects of coffee may or may not favour your schedule or lifestyle.

The surge in blood sugar

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach may affect how your body regulates blood sugar levels. The inability of your body to control your blood sugar levels may put you at risk of metabolic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.


For fast metabolisers, drinking coffee on an empty stomach may not cause Jitteriness. However, if your body breaks down the caffeine in coffee more slowly, you may feel anxious after consumption.


What Happens if you Only Drink Coffee for a Day

You must have heard too much of anything that is not good. However, some people are addicted to coffee to the extent that drinking coffee is sufficient for them to get through the day. As much as coffee intake has a myriad of health benefits, you may probably have headaches, stomach aches, and even jitters when you take nothing but coffee in a day.


What Happens if you Only Drink Coffee and No Water

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages help in meeting our fluid needs. However, coffee’s mild diuretic effect on the body doesn’t make it count as water does.

Can you lose weight by just drinking coffee and water

There have been several articles and studies that either support or negate the fact that coffee helps with weight loss. Some people take it and give good reviews, while others would say it doesn’t do much concerning weight loss.

However, it is always advisable to consult your medical personnel to know what works for you better.


Can I Survive by just Drinking Coffee

It is quite difficult for humans to live on one type of meal. You can make that decision, but variety is always the spice of life. Switching once in a while does not exclude what you have categorised to be your favourite meal or drink.

A warning from the FDA concerning caffeine intake is to take it with caution and be safe with its dosage. Humans can’t live on coffee alone because it may be lethal.

Consult health practitioners to know how well your body can take caffeine.


Final Words

Coffee, as the most popular beverage in the world, has become a daily habit for a lot of people. People enjoy coffee differently and may not even function properly without drinking coffee first thing in the morning. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach may affect the body. However, this varies according to body type. You should know how your body reacts to different things you consume and be careful what and what not to drink.




Should You Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach?