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How to Brew Large Amounts of Coffee?

You are a great coffee maker when you prepare that single cup yourself. But can you boast of the same quality when it’s time to prepare in large quantities? Not to fear, not everyone can make coffee in large amounts and get great results.

brew large amounts of coffee

If you are looking forward to making a large amount of coffee for your next dinner party or holiday, This article will explain how to brew delicious top-notch coffee for big groups like a professional. With this, get a big thumbs up after serving your audience.


List of Coffee Brewing Methods

There are different methods of brewing coffee beyond the household automatic coffee maker. Below are six manual styles of making coffee.

  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Manual pour-over coffee maker
  • Stovetop espresso maker
  • Percolator
  • Handheld espresso maker
  • Coffee bag


Steps in Making Coffee for Large Groups

Coffee Ratio

One of the most important things to do when making coffee for large groups is to define your coffee-to-water ratio. Using 60-75g of coffee per litre of water would give a delicious cup. However, you should note that darker coffee roasts may affect your ratio because darker roasts are more soluble in water.

Grind Size

Another essential factor to take into consideration is brewing the perfect grind size. It can be tricky because you may end up with bitter coffee if your grind is too fine, and you may also end up with weak and flavourless coffee if your task is too coarse.

The trick is to time how long it takes to fill your pot.


Your gallon of coffee shouldn’t take about 5minutes from when water starts to flow through the filter to the last drop. Your perfect coarse grind for a large amount of coffee can be compared to granulated sugar when using a manual brewing method.


For an electric grinder, you can check its manual for the brewing settings or check online.

You should also make sure your grind is fresh, no matter how much you’re making.

Brewer Choice

The method needed for Batch brew machines and Manual brewers varies.

It can be pretty challenging to achieve consistent and optimal results with manual brewers such as pour-over drippers, French press or Chemex. For a French Press, an increase in brew size does not affect your grind setting because the French press is an immersion brewing method.


For pour-over drippers, the first thing to note is your brewer shape because shape difference affects how your brewer extracts aroma and flavours from the coffee. When you are using a Chemex, you should start the brew ration from something around 1:14 and 1:17 and then add more coffee as you scale up the brew size.


For batch brew machines, achieving finer grounds will help with more bitterness and sweetness in coffee, producing a well-balanced coffee. You should check your machine manual to know how much you can manipulate it.


There is more than 98% water in a good cup and coffee, so you should be careful about the kind of water you use. Ensure you filter your water before use because unfiltered water can deposit minerals that can cause mechanical issues on the brewer parts.

It would help if you also endeavoured to clean your brewer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Coffee Age

Freshly roasted coffee can be too volatile for brewing. It is advisable to allow your roasted coffee to sit for a few days before brewing. For preservation, keep your coffee beans in an airtight container until you are ready to brew. However, be sure of the amount you need for brewing before grinding because stale ground coffee can affect the final output.



How do you make a large batch of cold brew coffee?

Making coffee for large groups is different from making a cup for yourself. To make a large batch of cold brew coffee, you should;

  • Grind your coffee beans to a very coarse texture
  • Pour coffee into a container and add water until thoroughly moistened
  • Leave for about 24 hours and strain with a cheesecloth or something. However, it would help not to press down on the coffee while it is pushing to avoid acidity and bitterness.
  • Unless you want the silt leftover to settle, your coffee is ready to drink.

How do you Serve Coffee to a Crowd?

When you are serving coffee to people, you need to make an impression by being courteous.

You should pay attention to etiquette, such as a matching saucer, placing a spoon on the right side of the cup, serving with a smile, and making the coffee taste good according to your audience’s preference.

How Many Cups of Coffee Can you Make With Pour-Over?

Most pour-over coffee makers are designed to make just 2 cups.

How Much Coffee Does it Take to Make 12 Cups?

For a medium-sized pot, you will need 12-24 tablespoons of ground coffee to get 12 cups.

What is the Most Popular Way to Make Coffee?

Diners, Café and restaurants worldwide lean towards the drip-brew method the most. This method works well with medium roast coffee.

What is the Best Ratio for Cold Brew Coffee?

For people who enjoy strong coffee, you can use the coffee-to-water ratio of 2:1. If you want something less vigorous, you should go with 1:1. However, you can explore between these ratios for your satisfaction.


Final Words

Making coffee for yourself is not the same thing as making coffee for 50 or more people(may, even be fewer). Brewing large quantities of coffee can be challenging without the correct method and equipment. The first thing to do when making coffee for a crowd is to decide on the appropriate brewing method you want to use, follow it keenly and be ready to wow your audience.


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