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Coffee Tips

What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

The kind of coffee you consume goes a long way in telling people who you are. Your favorite coffee is like a mirror reflecting who you are to the world. That is, it tells the world how you observe and interprets the universe.

This does not necessarily mean your choice of coffee is who you are, but instead, it tries to tell the world more about your kind of person. Most times, it reveals qualities like being a charming, introvert, extrovert, caring person, perfectionist, bold, sensitive.

types of coffee and what it says about you

In this explorative piece, we have organized different types and kinds of coffee, and we have proffered all explanation in understanding what the kind of coffee you ordered have to say about you. Read through as you sip your morning coffee.


Black Coffee

If you are a lover of black coffee and you trust so much in it to get your day started, then you are a simple and reliable person who so much believes in old ways of doing things. You can be quiet sometimes and be very efficient in your doings. As a fast person, you really detest delay and react quickly to stimuli. You have to be watchful because too much speed kills the fun. Slow and steady, my friend.



This coffee is for the bravest and the most courageous person out there. If the Americano coffee is your favorite, it does mean that you so much believe in yourself and your uniqueness. You are not the type of person that feels afraid to express yourself. You are always relentlessly pursuing what you believe in without been brainwashed by what people say. As the rational human that you are, you tend to be very patient and responsible for all your actions. You own your mistakes and appreciate your wins. Others often respect you for the way you hold your ground and the way you handle your responsibilities. When it comes to your financial gratification, you put in proper planning in your spending because you really put the future into consideration.


Café Latte

Cafe Latte is for those who are stylish, with a good sense of fashion. A person of your caliber is considered charming, lovely, caring, and sweet because of the way you always appear in a grand style. Your awesome taste usually connects you with people of great standard and integrity. As a sweet talker, you have the right words, and you use them appropriately. Most people always find you attractive because of your sweet words and your charms. Your flaw is that you can be dithery. Your open-mindedness always makes you play safe. You are the best candidate for romance.


Cafe Mocha

If you are a consumer of this coffee, your most outstanding quality is that you are very generous and fun to be with. You can go to any length to satisfy other people’s feelings and desires. The Cafe Mocha is coffee with a bitter-sweet taste with the addition of light chocolate. If you are a regular consumer of this type of coffee, then you are an independent person with a high level of creativity. The last thing that would control you is convention. Also, you are the last person to get provoked because of your cool and loving personality. You are far from the norm because your creativity also brings something new to the space. You are flawed with romance and affectionate relationships, and you really do need a good friend to guide you through the dust of romance.


The Decaf Coffee

Do you love to be the one in control? If so, then this type of coffee is for you because you love to be in control. You are like the driver always driving the show. You want power, and you always go for what you want. You do things almost perfectly, and everyone does admire this in you. As a drinker of decaf coffee, your health is very important to you – you understand how important it is to have good and sound health, so you are careful of your steps. Yes, you are known for being sensitive and smart.



Espresso coffee is for the fast and reliable ones. They are the leaders that seek to protect and direct the larger social group because they possess the right quality that suits such position. They are the born leaders with the ability to spawn and support development. You are known by everyone for your straightforwardness and sincerity. As a goal-getter, you are always chasing your set goals.



I know this is your coffee, yes, dreamer! You know how you feel when you perceived the steam from your coffee cup this morning. Cappuccino is a combination of espresso, foam, and milk. You are a perfect dreamer that lives in the fictional perfect world. You are stylish and classy in everything you do. You are known by others as a social bird and friend with anyone who reciprocates elegance. You are as creative as the coffee you take. The world needs your creativity, go and show you glow!


Irish Coffee

This is your favorite coffee because you are charming, attractive, with a great sense of humor. You know your limit, but you love going beyond them because you understand that greatness is beyond your limit. You believe that hard work pays more than luck. While you strife amidst the rubbles of life, excellence awaits you, my friend.


Iced Coffee

You love taking challenges, and you are love taking control. You would never allow someone else to fill up your position. You love having good fun, but you can also be very serious about what you are committed to. Your confidence level is as high as a mountain. Just like the black coffee, you are very much alike.


Turkish Coffee

You are a conservationist. You so much believe in the traditional mores and ethics that should guide our world. As a traditionalist, you have ears for stories, and you are a good storyteller because all tales start with a sip of Turkish coffee.



You are a trend that people follow because you have all the necessary styles that others desire. You see life the way a child sees life because you believe the world needs more love and affection for us to survive. You enjoy the natural flow of creativity. This, you would someday use it to impact greatness to the world. But because you are like the desert kind of coffee drinker, you most likely won’t be making the right or best decision. Be careful as you cruise, my friend.


Instant Coffee

This type of coffee says that you really take life easy and do not want stress. You are gifted with the superpower of hiding your feeling so others won’t get to hurt you or know your secrets. You pride yourself on what you believe in, and you are ready to stand with what you believe in no matter what people say. You are often seen by people as quiet, gently reserved, and independent. You are blessed with the ability to maintain the flow of wealth; that is, you save and invest, which is an easy way of maintaining wealth. You are flawed because of your procrastination.


The Salient Point

This explorative article has served as an eye-opener to understanding what the type of coffee one consumes has to say about one’s characteristics and features. After reading this, you might find it a little bit confusing to savvy because you might be thinking that you are more like three to four lovers of some coffees. Yes, it is cool to be everywhere, do not worry. It is awesome if your preference does change sometimes. For me, I drink my coffee according to my mood. Somedays, I stick with instant coffee for simplicity and stillness. If I really want to be with the vibe throughout the day, I start my day with the Caffe Mocha. While if I just want to be charming and attractive to others, I go with a café latte. Somedays, we are not who we were yesterday. We are humans, so we tend to change and adapt. What is your favorite coffee? Let us know about you in the comment section.