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How to Fall Asleep After Drinking Coffee

A cup of coffee calms the human body, a poetic feeling that radiates the body. Over time, it has been discovered that a bunch of persons depend on the exhilarating and stimulating sensation that a cup of coffee has to offer them throughout their productive day. We often take coffee to stay alert and work through the tick and tock of the clock as we climb to the zenith of productivity and efficiency.


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The effect it has on people has compelled us to analyze one of its most popular and active ingredients, known as caffeine. It is a natural drug that is generally present in all coffee. It is important to note that caffeine is one of the most popular drugs in the world and has been around for centuries. Studies and researches have shown that over four hundred billion cups of coffee are consumed yearly. It is a legal drug around the globe and can be found in plants across the world. A source of stimulant, an energy-giving drug that has worked wonders in keeping people’s minds active when needed. A cup of coffee makes one’s day better.

It is quite important to note that caffeine in itself has its downsides and has been widely discussed around the world. The most popular side effect of caffeine is its ability to disrupt sleep when consumed. Evidently, late midnight coffee has the propensity to hurt one’s sleep. Sleeping doesn’t come that easily after taking coffee, and this is one of the reasons people tend to take coffee at the beginning of their day. This is to help them achieve consummate activeness throughout their working hours. While we are here with ways you could fall asleep faster and better after taking a cup of coffee whilst, we will be discussing what should be known concerning coffee and caffeine.

Here is how caffeine works, it blocks all sleeping-causing chemicals, like adenosines in the human brain, while it increases the level at which the adrenaline is produced. It also blocks the adenosine from flowing within the human brain, which makes the brain stay active. It is like a catalyzing kit that jerks the human brain up and gives it satisfying mental stimulation. This is what a bunch of people depend on when getting started with their day. It has been studied that Coffee has no health risk when consumed moderately. Also, there shouldn’t be excessive consumption of caffeine for young children and teens because it can lead to serious health issues.

Different studies have claimed that, on average, coffee works within 4 to 5 hours. This means it would take at least five straight hours for your system to dispel the available caffeine taken in. This doesn’t mean that one cannot fall asleep after taking caffeine. We will walk you through the ways you can journey down to the dreamland even after consuming caffeine.


  1. Shut Out Every Electronics

Shutting down every distraction, like electronic gadgets, goes a long way in allowing you to focus and allowing your mind to travel to the dreamland easily. Texts, beeps, or application notifications are ways that your brain can get distracted. The reason for texts, mail, and application notifications is to alert your brain that there is an update. In order to prevent your brain from getting distracted, there is a need to drive your mind to a relaxed state – it is important you stay away from your electronic gadgets and switch off your notifications. Even without a cup of coffee, the human brain responds to a stimulus, such as beeps from your electronics, someone calls. Also, the light your television, phone, or laptop emits to the eyes has a way of stopping the creation of melatonin – this hormone is the one in charge of keeping your mind awake. This could make it difficult for your body to know when to start winding down. Hence, it is important you turn off every distraction that has the ability to jerk your body out of sleep mode.


  1. Take A Short Walk

Working out is another way of stressing the human body and making it yearn for sleep without doing much thinking. After a hard or light exercise, the human brain would technically beg for a rest. This rest could be sitting down alone and meditating, and it could be lying down on the bed to taking a nap. Exercise doesn’t just make the human body tired; it is also a way of getting the mind ready for the day. This is not to say one should embark on hours of trekking before one could enter sleep mode. What we are saying here is that a light walk or stroll around the block to clear your head and mind might be what you need. This might help you use up the caffeine that has been taken.


  1. Meditation and Yoga

It has been noted that when the mind is released to find its own poetry and pleasure, it reaches the peak of calmness and coolness. The major aim here is to make your body get calm and relaxed. A troubled mind never gets sleep. Even if it does, it most likely wouldn’t be a good one. So, it is quite important you attain serenity within your mind, body, and soul. This is a way of putting the mind to the point of relaxation. When it comes to meditation, sit upright or lay down in a very comfortable way. Take a very deep inhale and exhale with your mind relaxed. During this process, you should maintain a regular breathing tempo. While you exhale and inhale, focus on the energy around you, your breathing space. Then, you probably would feel calm within your body, do not resist it, and open your arms as you embrace sleep.

Yoga can also help you to relax your brain, muscles because of its practice of mindfulness. But the kind of yoga we are referring to in this explorative article is the light version of yoga. So try some of these light Yoga poses to help you refresh and restart your body.

The child position – this position helps in reducing tension from the back, your neck region, and both shoulders.

The Low Lung Position – this position specially helps to dismiss strain within the hip flexors and stretches the glutes, groin, and hamstring area. This pose has proven to help those that usually sit for long, like office workers.

The Butterfly Position – the butterfly position is for meditation and mindfulness. If you yearn for relaxation, then the butterfly position is the right one. Stretching the lower back and the inner thigh is what will make your body reach a state of serenity.

The Corpse Position – this is one of the most important positions because it helps the body generate serotonin, a chemical that catalyzes a happy and relaxed feeling. You would probably like to take this pose lastly on your list.


  1. You Should Read A Book While You Are In Bed

When you want to start your journey to dreamland, try reading a book, this has a way of getting your brain tired. When one reads a book, it helps reduces stress and unwind the mind from a stressful day. A romance book or something that would make the mind calm would do – it often requires constant movement of the eyes. This could get the eyes worked up; hence, it starts closing and winds down.


  1. Take A Warm Bath

 Studies have discovered that a warm shower is a good way of relaxing the mind and aids in falling asleep. It puts the mind in a relaxation state, and the studies noted that a warm bath could help one falls asleep ten times faster.


  1. Make Yourself Comfortable 

When you give your body the comfort it desires, it will stir the feeling of sleepiness. Your mattress and pillow are a good contributor to the way you would fall asleep. A personal sleeping position that your body recognizes could contribute a lot.


The Salient Point

The germane point in this explorative article is that you can also fall asleep even after you have consumed coffee late at night. You could also avoid consuming excess caffeine before bedtime, design a sleeping schedule and stick to it. Understand how your body works. A brief walk around the block, light yoga, and a warm bath are all languages of sleep. The slightest of the discussed ways to fall asleep would help you immensely.

Do you have something you would like to share with us concerning the topic? We would be glad to hear from you in the comment section. We have shared this with you, but you can do more by sharing it with family and friends. Gracias!


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