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What Does Prog Mean on a Coffee Machine?

Like many appliances, coffee makers have undergone major technological advancements that seek to satisfy the needs of users. In earlier times, coffee brewing was done by the mug. Today, coffee machines make it easier to brew coffee by automating the process.

prog coffee machine

Early coffee makers would take a lot of time to produce a cup of coffee. Today, coffee makers produce coffee within a few minutes. Also, today’s coffee makers have numerous functionalities controlled by buttons. One such button is the prog button. What does prog mean on a coffee machine? What is its importance in coffee making? In this article, we will show you what the prog button on a coffee maker does.


The Meaning of Prog on a Coffee Machine

The program (simply prog) function in a coffee machine such as the Black and Decker coffee maker allows you to set a timer to brew coffee at a specific time of the day. For instance, if you prefer taking coffee at 8 a.m. every morning, you can set the coffee maker to turn on and make coffee automatically at the specified time.

It means that your coffee will be ready even before you get to the machine. Most importantly, the coffee maker retains heat for two hours. That way, your coffee will remain hot until you are ready to serve it within two hours after brewing.


How to Program Your Coffee Maker

You need to ensure your coffee machine has the correct current time before setting it up. If you fail to get the time right, your coffee will be brewed after or before the scheduled time. Here is how to program an automatic coffee maker such as Black & Decker:


1- Setting the HR button

The HR button refers to the hour button. Once you plug in your coffee maker, the current time will flash on the display. The HR button is used to set the time.

To set the time, first press the PROG button. By default, the time is set in AM. To change it to PM, hold the HR button and release it once the time cycle runs from 1 to 12 hours. The PM sign will flash on the display once the 12th hour lapses. Hold the button again to set it to the desired time.

If you want to set it back to AM, hold and release the HR button after the 12th hour. The PM sign will go off.


2- Setting the MIN button

The MIN (minutes) button is used to set the time in minutes after setting the HR button. To do this, hold the MIN button and release it once the display shows the number of minutes related to the current time.


3- Setting the AUTO button

The AUTO button sets the time you desire. Once you set the HR and MIN buttons, you can proceed to program your coffee maker. To do this, hold the AUTO button and release it once a light flashes after a few seconds. Now, it will show you the current time. That is how you program a coffee maker to brew tasty coffee at the time you specify.


What is the Use of the Bold Button?

Some people confuse the bold and prog buttons. So what does prog mean on a coffee machine? The prog button tells you when your coffee maker is set to start brewing. On the other hand, the bold button tells your coffee machine how strong it should brew the coffee.


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