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What Coffee Makers Brew at 200 degrees Fahrenheit?

Thousands of people rely on a cup of coffee to wake them up. If you’re one of them, you require a coffee maker that brews at 200 degrees for the best cup of coffee. The SCAA recommends brewing at 200°F since it’s the optimum temperature for the extraction of oils, caffeine, and coffee flavors. This article will discuss examples of coffee brewers at 200 degrees. Read on!


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The Best Temperature for Brewing Coffee

The ideal brewing temperature for coffee is between 195 degrees to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you don’t need a thermometer to ensure that your temperature is ideal for brewing coffee. This is because there is a range of temperatures for brewing coffee. Additionally, you’ll find that different coffee makers brew at different temperatures. Some brewing methods require low brewing temperatures, while others require high brewing temperatures.

Usually, water reaches its boiling point at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, the coffee brewing temperature is slightly below the boiling point. Brewing coffee while the water is at its boiling point will lead to burnt coffee, which tastes bitter and undesirable. Additionally, brewing coffee with low water temperatures will lead to under extraction, which results in a tasteless cup of coffee. This is because the water temperature isn’t enough to bring out the taste and flavor of the coffee beans.

The brewing temperature for your coffee is essential since you don’t want to end up with under-extracted or burnt coffee. Here are some things to consider when buying a coffee maker that brews at 200 degrees.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Coffee Brewers at 200 Degrees F

While buying a coffee maker that brews at 200 degrees will get you close to a perfect cup of coffee, there are some other important factors you’ll need to consider while making your choices. They include:

1. Coffee Maker Size

It is important to consider the size of the coffee maker before buying it. This is crucial, especially for those with small kitchens. You’ll want your coffee maker to fit perfectly in the kitchen without any inconveniences. Additionally, if you’re planning to put the coffee maker under a cabinet, you need to ensure that the height of the machine is perfect and that you can access all parts of the machine.

2. Brew Capacity

The coffee maker brewing capacity is something to consider especially if you have a large family. This will help you save some effort you would have otherwise used brewing coffee for several rounds. Furthermore, brewing coffee for several rounds may lead to stale coffee since there may be an earlier batch of the coffee. Additionally, your family doesn’t have to wait for their cup of joe.

3. Extra Features

Some extra features may be important in optimizing the brewing process. Such features include a water filter to ensure that there are no impurities in your water that may affect the taste of your coffee, and the pre-infusion feature to increase the water blooming time on the coffee grounds, which maximizes the flavor extraction. Additionally, a large showerhead feature in your coffee maker ensures that the water is evenly sprayed on the coffee grounds which maximizes the flavor extraction.


Coffee Makers that Brew at 200 Degrees

Here is a list of the best coffee makers brewing at 200 degrees.

1. Breville BDC450 Precision Coffee Brewer

The Breville Precision Coffee Brewer is a highly customized coffee machine that brews the coffee at 200 degrees. When it comes to brewing temperature, the machine is customized in a way that you can use a digital control to adjust the temperature to exactly what you’re looking for. So, you can easily set the brewing temperature to exactly 200 degrees. Also, you can adjust the brewing time to your preference.

Equally important, you can adjust the bloom time, the water flow rate, and the coffee filters. You have the option of using either a flat filter or a cone filter. Additionally, the Breville Precision Brewer is great for a large household or an office, since it has a brewing capacity of up to 12 cups. There is also an option for making smaller coffee quantities from two to eight cups.

2. Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Coffee Brewer

Bonavita 8-Cup coffee brewer is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a coffee maker that brews at 200 degrees and one that has a small brewing capacity. As the name suggests, the Bonavita coffee brewer has a brewing capacity of up to 8 cups of coffee. The coffee brewer is highly customized to optimize the brewing process. For example, the brewer has a powerful heater that heats the brewing water to an optimum temperature of between 198 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the heater is precise and maintains the temperature throughout the brewing process. To optimize the extraction process, the coffee brewer has a showerhead and pre-infusion feature to ensure that the coffee grounds are evenly saturated with water. Last but not least, the coffee brewer has a warming plate that keeps your coffee warm at around 176 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. BUNN HB Heat N Brew Coffee Maker

The BUNN coffee brewer is a drip coffee maker that brews at 200 degrees. The coffee brewer contains an inbuilt thermometer that keeps track of the brewing temperature. Usually, the brewing process using the coffee brewer starts once the optimum temperature has been hit. Most importantly, the coffee maker doesn’t go below 198 degrees when brewing coffee.

Additionally, the machine’s brewing capacity is up to 10 cups in 10 minutes and is therefore ideal for a large family. The coffee maker also has an auto-warmer plate that ensures your coffee is warm for two hours. The plate switches on immediately when you start brewing and off after two hours. The best part about this coffee maker is that you can program it to ensure your coffee is ready when you wake up.



For a perfect cup of coffee, you’ll need a coffee maker that brews at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the temperature is ideal for the extraction of the compounds present in the coffee grounds. You can get yourself any of the listed coffee makers. Furthermore, they are highly customized to regulate temperature to a precise degree. Additionally, they have other extra features that make your brewing process a success.