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What Age Group Drinks the Most Coffee?

Americans drink the highest amount of coffee in the world by volume. Finland tops per capita consumption. This is followed by Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. However, different age groups drink varying amounts of coffee. So what age group drinks the most coffee? Let us answer in detail.

age group drink most coffee

Coffee Consumption in the United States

Coffee is among the most drank beverages drinks in all American states. It just ranks second after water. Research shows that 66% of Americans drink water daily. Also, 63% of American citizens drink a cup of joe daily. This data shows that at least 50% of Americans consume coffee often.

The main reason why many people drink coffee upon getting out of bed is to increase alertness. It also decreases tiredness. These benefits come from the caffeine in coffee. Tea also contains caffeine. But brewed tea contains less caffeine than coffee. That explains why tea is the third most preferred beverage in the U.S. Notably, about 47% of Americans drink tea every day.

How Much Coffee Do Americans Drink?

Americans take at least 400 million cups of java daily. When you add up this figure, you get about 146 billion cups annually. The annual per capita coffee consumption in the U.S. is approximately 9 pounds, with Finland leading with approximately 26.5 pounds of coffee consumption per capita.

An individual American coffee enthusiast drinks approximately three cups of coffee daily. About 150 million Americans are coffee lovers. The FDA recommends a daily caffeine intake of up to 400 milligrams, which is about four standard cups of coffee. Thus, most Americans observe this caffeine limit.

Why Do Millions of People Love Coffee?

Many people start drinking coffee at a young age. About 34 percent of coffee drinkers started consuming coffee before turning 17. About 70 percent of coffee drinkers started taking coffee before turning 25.

Surprisingly, coffee consumption goes up with age. For example, 54% of those aged 18 to 29 gulp down 2 cups every day. About 71% of those aged 45 to 60 drink 2 cups minimum daily. Roughly 77% of people aged above 60 consume 2 or more cups per day.

So what motivates millions of people to become avid coffee drinkers? Here’re some of the reasons that make it a favorite brew:

  • Extra energy- Approximately 62 percent of coffee lovers drink it to get an extra kick of energy, with 74 percent of them being those aged 18 to 29 drinking.
  • Flavor- About 69 percent of coffee enthusiasts drink it for its irresistible taste.
  • Boosting alertness- At least 34 percent claim they drink coffee to boost alertness.
  • Reducing stress- Roughly 18 percent of people drink coffee to help them manage stress. Only 9 percent of them are aged at least 60 years.
  • Health reasons- About 10 percent of coffee lovers drink it for its health benefits.

What Age Group Drinks the Most Coffee?

Research shows that persons older than 60 drink the most coffee in the U.S- approximately 72% of this group drink joe daily. The age group with the least consumers is 18 to 34, with only 47% of them drinking coffee regularly.

How Many People Drink Coffee At Home?

Close to 80% of Americans who consume coffee regularly take at least 1 cup at home. Also, there is a rise in the number of coffee drinkers who buy coffee machines to help them brew tasty coffee like the one sold in authentic coffee shops.

Which Is the Most Preferred Coffee Making Method?

Although there are many techniques for preparing coffee at home, most Americans prefer single-serve coffee pod brewers and drip coffee. Research shows that about 41 percent of coffee drinkers use a drip coffee maker to brew coffee. About 3 percent use a percolator and 4 percent use a French press to brew coffee at home.

These statistics show that most Americans prefer convenience and speed to brew coffee at home. However, they hardly compromise on the taste and quality of their favorite cup of joe. That is why most of them dislike instant coffee due to its association with bad taste. Only 5 percent of Americans drink instant coffee.