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Reasons Why Coffee Is Better Than Energy Drinks

When waking up or feeling slouchy in the afternoon, you probably take a drink that’ll lift your spirits. Some people prefer taking coffee while others prefer taking energy drinks to get some caffeine. Although caffeine is available from different sources, the kind of source you get it from matters a lot.

coffee vs energy drinks

While many energy drink concoctions can give you a quick dose of the much-needed caffeine to boost your energy levels, coffee stands out as the better drink when compared to energy drinks. Here’re some of the reasons why you should choose coffee over energy drinks.

  1. The amount of caffeine in coffee is almost similar to that in energy drinks

You probably assume that energy drinks contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee. However, that assumption is inaccurate. A can of most energy drinks contains a caffeine content of about 80 to 200mg whereas a drip coffee serving of 8 ounces contains a caffeine content of about 110 to 150mg. Not unless you consume several cans of a super-sized energy drink, a cup of coffee will give you more caffeine.

  1. Coffee doesn’t contain calories

Besides containing caffeine, most energy drinks come with other ingredients, including a lot of sugar. While that high sugar content may give you a quick energy boost, it’ll eventually turn out less useful and unhealthy. You’ll soon crash again as the quick energy boost wears off quite quickly. On the contrary, coffee offers sustained energy levels. Besides, you don’t have to sweeten coffee with sugar every time you take it to keep your calorie intake low.

Even if an energy drink has a sugar-free label, there’re high chances that it contains artificial sweeteners. After all, you should avoid artificial sweeteners for a healthier diet. If you like your coffee sweetened, you can replace sugar with stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener, making it a healthier option. Also, you can add almond milk instead of cream to reduce your calorie intake. Besides, almond milk contains more delicious flavors than cream.

  1. Coffee tastes better

To be honest, there’s still no energy drink out there that doesn’t have an odd fruit punch taste. Most energy drinks have an “Assault” or “Unleaded” label. Considering their taste, you can only translate these labels to mean that the drinks are only assaulting your sensitive taste buds. When compared to energy drinks, coffee tastes better.

  1. Coffee costs less

Generally, a single can of an energy drink can buy you about five cups of tasty coffee. By making coffee your regular source of caffeine instead of energy drinks, you’ll save a lot of money. Besides, you’ll be spending less on a healthier source of caffeine.

  1. Coffee doesn’t contain dubious ingredients

By drinking coffee, you may wonder how you’ll get vitamin B12, ginseng, taurine, and yerba mate among other ingredients featured in most energy drinks. Fortunately, your body doesn’t require most of such ingredients. In fact, most of those ingredients are only included to add the caffeine content while others are only included because some consumers find them sounding good. Also, there’s no definite scientific evidence that proves their effectiveness. As for vitamin B12, it’s a vitamin you likely get from healthy sources such as milk, lean meat, nuts, eggs, seafood, fish, and other foods.


As you can see, the winner in this unending debate of what’s better between coffee and energy drinks is clear. Thus, whenever you need to boost your energy levels for enhanced productivity, coffee is the best drink to go for. If you’re used to energy drinks and don’t find regular coffee tasting good, you can try espresso and you’ll surely like it.


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