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Is It Worth Getting Organic Coffee?

The comforting routine, cultural experience, taste, and quick energy boost offered by coffee make it an important part of the daily life of many people across the globe. Unfortunately, the way most of the coffee consumed today is grown and processed is often harmful to the environment and your health.

Fortunately, you can switch from conventionally grown coffee to organic coffee to continue enjoying the benefits offered by coffee without compromising your health. But is it worth getting organic coffee? Let’s find out.

organic coffee growing

What is Organic Coffee?

The term organic coffee refers to coffee that is grown free from pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals. Also, organic coffee is processed without the use of chemicals. For coffee to be certified as organic, at least 95 percent of the beans must be grown under organic farming conditions. This condition applies to all stages of coffee production including growing, fertilizing, harvesting, and processing.


Reasons Why You Should Get Organic Coffee

Coffee is among the most popular beverages. Also, it is among the top-selling commodities in the world. There is no doubt that coffee keeps millions of people going. Whether you take coffee first thing in the morning, at noon, or before your night shift, it is an important beverage in the lives of coffee lovers. As a result, it is important to drink the best quality coffee.

Your best alternative is to buy organic coffee. Organically grown coffee is free of chemicals and rich in flavor. Research shows that organic coffee offers numerous benefits for the farmers who produce it, for your health, and for the environment. Here are the reasons that make it worth getting organic coffee:

     1. Chemical Free

The conventional way of producing coffee involves extensive use of chemicals. Coffee plants are treated with chemicals to boost production. However, multiple studies show that the fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides used in conventional coffee farming increase the risk of cancer. These chemicals can also damage the nervous and reproductive systems.

The chemicals are passed into the body and deposited in body fats when you drink coffee containing these chemicals. Also, farmers are affected by these chemicals. Fortunately, organic coffee is free from these toxic chemicals. Thus, it is a healthier option.

     2. Health Benefits

Coffee certified as 100 percent organic contains essential antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that the body requires for healthier living. These nutrients boost the immune system and protect body cells from damage. Also, organic coffee is rich in caffeine, which boosts energy levels and improves brain function.

     3. Promotes Sustainability

Organic coffee farming entails growing coffee plants under shade. Thus, the coffee trees benefit the ecosystem enormously. They help in conserving vegetation, birds, and wildlife. Also, they prevent soil erosion. In conventional coffee farming, trees are cut to find space for a coffee farm. Fortunately, organic coffee does not cause deforestation since the coffee plants are grown alongside trees.

     4. Benefits the Farmers

Something as simple as choosing organic coffee allows you to benefit many people involved in its production. You will probably never meet the farmers who work hard to grow organic coffee, but you benefit them by buying organic coffee. For instance, farmers who grow organic coffee are not exposed to toxic pesticides and harsh chemicals. Thus, you promote better health for the farmers and improve their quality of living. Besides, organic coffee farmers are often Fair Trade compliant. Thus, they pay higher rates to their employees.

     5. Tastes Better

Organic coffee is very delicious. It tastes better due to the rich soil it is grown in, which is free of chemical fertilizers and residues. Thus, you are guaranteed better quality coffee.

So is it worth getting organic coffee? Whether you prefer brewing coffee at home or buying ready coffee from your local coffee shop, ensure you are drinking organic coffee to enjoy extra benefits. Every time you purchase coffee with organic labels, you are improving the living standards of coffee farmers in developing nations. Besides, it is better for your health and the environment.