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Is It Safe to Drink Day Old Coffee?

When there’s no fresh brew available, it can be tempting to reach for yesterday’s leftovers. But is it safe to drink day old coffee? The good news is that unlike other beverages, you don’t have to worry about bacteria or spoilage with coffee after just one night out – so technically yes, you could drink it without fear of physical harm.

day old coffee safe

However, even though your taste buds won’t notice much difference between today and yesterday’s cup of joe in terms of flavor and freshness – any caffeine fiend knows that nothing beats fresh brew! That being said, if we’re talking more than 12 hours since its initial brewing then our advice would be: proceed with caution (unless it was stored in an airtight container in the fridge!) So let’s break down exactly what happens when your cup of Joe sits around too long.


What Causes Day Old Coffee to Deteriorate?

As we all know, food doesn’t last forever. Oxidation is the main culprit for why our favorite snacks start to rot and develop a less-than-appetizing taste over time. Coffee beans are no exception – oxidation can affect their flavor profile in an instant! The longer you heat them, the more they oxidize – leading to an acidic and bitter cup of joe that tastes nothing like your barista’s perfect brew.

To avoid this dreaded fate, it’s important to store coffee correctly: keep it away from oxygen as much as possible by storing it in a cool place or even the fridge (though don’t try reheating cold coffee if you want any chance of salvaging its flavor).


What about Coffee with Milk or Creamer?

It’s not cool to sip on day-old coffee with creamer already added in – that’s just asking for trouble. If you put creamer in your joe, like many of us do, there are different rules involved. You should consume any coffee that has been pre-mixed with creamer within 1 to 2 hours; otherwise be prepared for an unpleasant surprise! So don’t leave your cup out overnight thinking the cream will keep things fresh – because it won’t!


How to Drink Day Old Coffee Safely (If You Must)

In a world that’s nothing short of perfect, you wouldn’t have to resort to drinking day-old coffee. But if life throws you a curveball and your options are limited—maybe you’re tight on time or out of grounds for fresh brew—we get it, we’ve been there too. So here’s some advice from us to help make the most out of drinking yesterday’s java:


Tip #1. Never Reheat

Once the coffee machine’s warmer shuts off, it’s time to say goodbye to that fresh-brewed cup of joe. Sure, you might think reheating your cold brew is a good idea but trust us: It’ll only make your java taste worse by oxidizing it faster and giving it an extra bitter kick. If you’re gonna try and heat up yesterday’s pot of coffee, do so within the first few hours after brewing; otherwise don’t even bother!


Tip #2. Refrigerate It

If you’re unable to get through a full pot of coffee but don’t want to brew more, pop it in the refrigerator. Doing this will help preserve flavor and aroma by slowing down the oxidation process. That way, you can enjoy your joe for days without having to sacrifice taste or freshness – like some kind of java time-traveler!


Tip #3. Pour it Over Ice and Add Some Creamer

If you’ve been too busy to grab a fresh cup of joe and now find yourself stuck with last night’s brew, don’t sweat it. Instead of trying to reheat your coffee (which we all know is an absolute no-no), opt for the iced route! Not only will this help cut through that stale flavor, but adding in some creamer or other mix-ins can really bring out the best in that day-old cuppa. It’ll give you just enough pep to make it through those late mornings.


How long does Cold Brew Remain Good For?

These days, cold brew coffee has become the go-to for anyone looking for a cool, fresh pick-me-up. It’s an entirely different process from pouring regular hot coffee over some ice cubes. It also lasts much longer than your average cup of Joe! Cold brew can stay flavorful up to 7 days or even 10 if you store it properly in a sealed container in the fridge. Plus? You don’t have to worry about that day old taste – cold brewing will keep your drink refreshingly delicious until its time is up.

In comparison to pour overs or drip coffees which tend to only last about 24 hours before becoming stale, cold brews are like liquid gold when it comes down to convenience and shelf life.