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Does Powdered Coffee Creamer Make You Gain Weight?

At first glance, coffee creamers may seem like a lactose-intolerant and vegan’s worst nightmare. After all, they contain the dreaded word ‘cream’ in their name! But guess what? Coffee creamers are often dairy-free and loaded with alternative ingredients like sugar, oil, and thickening agents that lend it its distinct texture and flavor. This means you can enjoy your morning cup of joe without worrying about any digestive issues or compromising on taste.

powdered coffee creamer weight gain

What’s more is that unlike other beverages which offer only one or two flavors to choose from; coffee creamer comes in an array of delightful options – think vanilla, pumpkin spice latte or Oreo cookies! And while these sweet additions will certainly make your beverage tastier than ever before, bear in mind that each spoonful adds extra calories to your drink (yeah we know.. life isn’t fair!) So does powdered coffee creamer make you gain weight?


How Coffee Creamer Can Make You Fat

Powdered creamers are a go-to for many, boasting an impressive shelf life and convenience to those with limited access to refrigeration. For the countless people who keep some packets in their car or bag just in case they can’t find fresh milk on the fly – these little wonders have become something of a modern-day necessity.

The downside? Most powdered creamers come packed with more sugar than liquid versions, so many prefer it if they’re looking for that sweet kick. Coffee creamer is dense with calories; one tablespoon (15 mL) packs 35 g! And not only does it contain 5 g of added sugar – which already surpasses the American Heart Association’s daily limit for men (36 g) and women (24g)! – but there’s also PHO, trans fats, carrageenan and artificial flavorings thrown into the mix as well… all major contributors to weight gain.

So while coffee creamers may be convenient when you’re running low on time or resources, make sure you double check labels before buying – your waistline will thank you later!


What about Flavored Creamers?

It’s easy to reach for that International Delight French Vanilla Creamer when you’re making yourself a cup of joe. But it might be worth taking a closer look at what’s in it. Not only is this creamer free from dairy, but the base includes water, sugar, soybean oil and corn syrup – all of which can add up fast if you don’t watch your pour!

Each tablespoon has 35 calories and 1.5 grams of fat – no big deal right? Wrong! Four tablespoons will give you 140 calories and 6 grams of fat- that’s already more than half your daily recommended intake (and over double the amount!). Plus each four tablespoons contains 24 grams of sugar – so one cup could easily help you hit 40g before breakfast even starts.

And we haven’t even touched on those added trans fats or carrageenan yet… Both have been linked to coronary diseases like metabolic syndrome as well as inflammation in the body — not exactly desirable side effects with our morning pick me up drink!

So while having your coffee habit won’t necessarily turn into fifteen extra pounds every year, being aware that seemingly small indulgences can quickly add extra sugars & fats to our diets is key- especially when they come hidden inside something like creamers or syrups.


Deceptive Serving Sizes

These delicious alternatives to cow’s milk bring up some interesting points about portion sizes and how they differ from person to person. Coffee creamers are often labeled as having 0 fat, but according to FDA regulations, if the serving size is less than 0.5g (0oz), it can be marketed that way – which could be misleading for those who don’t understand nutrition labels.

Plus, many coffee creamer brands contain partially hydrogenated oils made with soybean or cottonseed oil – AKA trans fats – so if there’s less than 0.5 g (0 oz) of trans fats per serving, companies can still list their product as ‘fat free’ on the label.

The problem here? We all know how tempting it is to go back for a second round of something yummy…so if you’re someone who likes your drinks heavily topped up with creamer and guzzles 4 cups a day, then you might find yourself in trouble calorie-wise! This isn’t helped by the fact that people believe since the label says ‘zero fat’ they can use as much creamer as they like without worrying about consequences; when really this couldn’t be further from reality!


What is the Best Creamer Substitute?

So does powdered coffee creamer make you gain weight? It’s a resounding yes! But is there any alternative to creamer? Sure! Milk is the perfect creamer for your coffee and can help you get essential vitamins, minerals and calcium. For an even healthier option, opt for 1% or 2%, as skim milk doesn’t provide all of the fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin A and D that you need.

If store bought creamers just aren’t doing it for you, why not try whipping up a homemade one? With condensed milk, low-fat milk (or plant based alternatives), natural sweeteners like agave syrup or honey to taste, plus some drops of vanilla or almond extract – voila! You’ve got yourself a delicious alternative without any trans fats or unrecognizable ingredients on the label. Plus it’s cost effective too! So don’t miss out – switch up your morning cup with this easy DIY creamer today!