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Is Acorn Coffee Healthy?

Acorn coffee is one of the best caffeine-free beverages. It is an alternative to coffee and is ideal for individuals who want to avoid caffeine for health reasons or any other reason whatsoever. Besides being nutty, it has a slightly bitter flavor. But is acorn coffee healthy? In this article, we will discuss the nutritional value and health benefits of acorn coffee if any.

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What is Acorn Coffee?

Acorn coffee is a coffee drink made by mixing ground acorns with hot water as you do with ground coffee. Acorns are nuts that grow on oak trees. Oak nuts have been a staple food for centuries. In some regions, these nuts were used as grains. Today, acorns are ground to make acorn flour for use in baking, soups, and coffee.


Nutritional Value of Acorn Coffee

You need to prepare acorns before grinding them to make coffee. Acorns contain tannins that can result in digestive issues among some people. Thus, you need to remove the tannins before grinding them to make coffee. You can leech the tannins out of acorns by boiling them in water.

Acorns coffee contains several nutrients that naturally occur in the nuts. These nutrients include zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and certain B vitamins.


Is Acorn Coffee Healthy?

Acorns coffee contains several nutrients as aforementioned. These nutrients are absorbed into the body easily. Thus, acorn coffee is a healthy replacement for coffee. By drinking acorn coffee, you will enjoy several health benefits including:


1. Helps Improve Digestion

Acorns, like most nuts, are rich in fiber. Thus, acorn coffee can help improve your digestive health. Also, fiber assists in regulating bowel movements, thereby eliminating both diarrhea and constipation. If you suffer from bloating, irregular bowel movements, and cramping, acorn coffee can help manage them.


2. Aids Skin Care

You can apply acorn coffee topically as a tonic. The astringent properties of acorn coffee reduce the appearance of pores. Thus, it can help in skin care among individuals who have oily skin or a T zone on the face.

Also, the leftover water used in boiling acorns to remove tannins can be used to soothe rashes and burns. Besides, the leftover water can reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of wounds and cuts. You can also use the water topically to treat pains and aches.


3. Can Prevent Diabetes

Another benefit of acorn coffee is that it contains complex carbohydrates and fiber that help prevent diabetes. Also, it helps heal the complications that result from diabetes.


4. Can Boost Energy Levels

The complex carbs in acorns add energy reserves to the body. Rather than relying on caffeine in coffee to boost your energy, you can drink acorn coffee to keep you energized throughout the day without worrying about the side effects of caffeine in regular coffee.


5. Improves Heart Health

If you want to cut weight, acorns coffee can help. It contains unsaturated fats that help balance cholesterol levels. Also, its unsaturated fats prevent atherosclerosis, obesity, and other conditions that cause heart problems.


6. Promotes Bone Health

The calcium, potassium, and phosphorous minerals in acorns prevent the onset of osteoporosis and boost bone health. Calcium is important for promoting bone mineral density.


7. Promotes Healing

Acorn coffee is rich in proteins. Proteins help in the creation of new cells and tissues, repairing damaged areas, and fastening healing after illness or injury.


8. Improves Metabolism

Another health benefit of acorn coffee is that it is rich in B vitamins including riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin. These B vitamins regulate metabolism, which is important for overall health.


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