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Does Acorn Coffee Have Caffeine?

Since time immemorial, life has never been fair. While some coffee lovers hardly function without a dose of caffeine, others have no choice but to avoid it completely. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and cannot put up with coffee. Others experience heart palpitations, anxiety, trouble sleeping, restlessness, or other issues when they drink coffee. Even decaf coffee may trigger negative reactions among some people despite having very minimal caffeine.

acorn coffee caffeine

If you cannot drink coffee for one reason or the other, you will feel left out in a world where many people drink it daily. But is there any alternative drink that tastes like coffee without causing the side effects associated with coffee? The answer is acorn coffee. You can make coffee out of acorns. But does acorn coffee have caffeine? Continue reading to find out.


What is Acorn Coffee?

Although acorn coffee is not real coffee, it looks, smells, and tastes like coffee. It is made from acorns, which are caffeine-free. The process of making acorn coffee involves drying, baking, and milling acorns. When milled, they turn into flour that you use to make acorn coffee.

Acorns are fruits of an oak tree. The acorns used to make acorn coffee are obtained from two types of oak trees including cork oak and stone oak. When the two are mixed to make oak coffee, you get a cup of acorn coffee that has both the natural sweetness and bitterness of coffee.

Acorns coffee gets its bitterness from acorn fruits obtained from cork oak. On the other hand, the natural sweetness of acorn coffee comes from acorn fruits obtained from stone oak. Also, the coffee has an earthy taste like that of nuts.

The bitterness in cork oak acorns is a result of tannins in the fruit. These tannins exist both in the fruit and the outer peel. When making acorn coffee, the drink contains all parts of the acorn. No parts are discarded when milling.


How to Make Acorn Coffee

To make acorn coffee, you will start by heating a liter of water. Then add in about 4 to 5 tablespoons of acorn flour. Basically, you mix them up like how you make instant coffee. You can drink it plain like coffee or add some little sugar and/or milk.

A major difference between acorn coffee and regular coffee is that it is a bit healthier. While coffee is considered a drug even when consumed in small doses, the acorn drink is a form of healthy food. As a result, the oak tree is gaining more attention among individuals who advocate for sustainable food sources. Oak trees are not heavily dependent on pesticides, fertilizer, and water, making them sustainable.

Although acorn coffee has only become popular recently, acorns have been used as an ingredient in several food products for decades. Research shows that acorns were a major diet among the Paleolithic hunters, thanks to their high-calorie content. Also, they are a great source of calcium, vitamin C, and magnesium. Also, acorns were commonly used as an alternative food source during food shortages experienced in WWII.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, acorn coffee is not as strong as regular coffee to help you wake up in the morning. However, it offers a great alternative way of enjoying coffee without worrying about the side effects associated with regular coffee.