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How to Use a Stirrer

Stirring cocktails may not seem like a difficult task. However, it requires special skills. A professional bartender or barista knows that mastering the right stirring technique allows for a high-quality cocktail. Getting the stirring right requires you to know how to use a stirrer. Read on to learn how to use a drink stirrer like a professional.

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How to Use a Beverage Stirrer

Whether you want to mix coffee and milk alongside other additives, or you are making a cocktail of different juices or other beverages, it will help to use a stirrer the right way. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1- First, add the beverages you want to mix into a glass.

Step 2- Take a stirrer and hold it with your middle, index, and thumb fingers. Insert the stirrer into the bottom of the glass.

Step 3- Start stirring the beverages in the glass in a circular motion. That way, you will distribute the ingredients evenly such that the drink will not become stronger in one spot and weaker in another spot.

Remember to stir your drinks gently to get the job done right. If you apply excessive force when stirring, you will over-stir the ingredients and make your cocktail frothy.

Step 4- Remove the stirrer from the drink and enjoy your cocktail.


How to Choose the Right Vessel for Stirring

When stirring your drinks to make a cocktail, you need to choose a proper vessel for the best results. Some bartenders prefer glass vessels while others prefer metal stirring vessels. If you are mixing cold drinks, you can pre-chill the vessel before adding in the drinks to ensure it does not warm them.

If you are making a cocktail that is served over ice, start by adding ice to the glass. Then add the cocktail ingredients and stir.


When to Use a Stirrer

Some cocktails require you to stir them to maintain their appearance and consistency. Stirring allows for gentler mixing of beverages than shaking. Stirring is necessary when making a drink that requires mixing at least two different ingredients directly in a serving glass. For instance, making a cocktail of lowball and highball drinks requires stirring. Stirring is also required when mixing distilled spirits.

Some coffee cocktails also require stirring. Some of the most common coffee cocktails you can stir include classic Irish coffee, white Russian, black Russian, espresso martini, espresso margarita, Kahlua coffee, and amaretto coffee among others.


Why Not Shake Your Cocktails?

Although shaking mixes ingredients more thoroughly than stirring, it is not recommended for making cocktails. The problem with shaking is that it causes the ingredients to mix aggressively. As a result, it can lead to the formation of unwanted foam that makes the cocktail appear cloudy. Also, shaking changes the texture of a cocktail. Besides, if the vessel you are using is not thoroughly cleaned, shaking might contaminate your cocktail with foreign smells and/or tastes.


How Long Should You Stir a Cocktail?

Although the time you should stir depends on the kind of cocktail you are making, the recommended stirring time is 30 to 45 seconds. Within this time, the drink mixes up thoroughly and retains its ideal temperature. That way, you get a well-balanced cocktail.

If you stir longer than necessary, the cocktail may develop bubbles or become diluted more than necessary. Also, stirring longer than necessary can warm the drink yet you wanted it chilled.


Types of Beverage Stirrers

There are several kinds of drink stirrers available today. Each type is designed for a certain purpose depending on the material it is made of. Here are the options to choose from:

     1. Wooden Stirrers

Wooden stirrers are biodegradable. They maintain their style and often feature decorative elements such as umbrellas and fruits. Alternatively, you can use a chopstick instead of a wooden stirrer to combine ingredients and cocktails. However, a chopstick is too thin to combine thicker ingredients.

     2. Metal Stirrers

Metal stirrers outshine other types of stirrers due to their durability. It is easy to wash them. Besides, they are ideal for frequent use.

     3. Methacrylate or Plastic Stirrers

Plastic drink stirrers are disposable and resistant to elements. They are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

     4. Fluorescent Stirrers

Fluorescent drink stirrers are ideal for decorating drinks at parties, concerts, discos, and dark places. They feature bright colors that glow in the dark. They are a great choice for stirring cocktails when hosting a night party.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to use a stirrer, you will make your next coffee cocktail or juice cocktail well-balanced and delicious. Just make sure you choose the right stirrer and stir your cocktail gently for about 30 to 45 seconds.



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