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How to Use a Coffee Infuser?

A coffee infuser is among the simplest coffee brewing methods. It allows for the extraction of natural flavors and oils in coffee grounds. Thus, you get an exceptional cup of coffee. With a coffee infuser, you are assured of getting a pure brew since there are no paper filters used. Paper filters alter the final taste of coffee by introducing foreign tastes. In this article, we will show you how to use a coffee infuser.

coffee infuser

Why Use a Coffee Infuser?

If you prefer taking flavorful and full-bodied coffee, a coffee infuser should be your go-to coffee brewing technique. An infuser is a manual coffee maker. It features a handle stick with a built-in filter basket at the bottom. It works by percolating and steeping coffee. You only need hot water to steep coarse coffee grounds for a few minutes.

An infuser is gentler than stovetop brewers or drip coffee makers, which heat water excessively and often result in over-extraction. Over-extraction results in a bitter brew. An infuser does not sit on a stovetop. Thus, coffee does not continue cooking after extraction. Also, it offers convenience and brews better coffee than instant coffee.


How Does a Coffee Infuser Work?

A coffee infuser works by immersing coarsely ground coffee in hot water. The grounds are separated from the coffee with the help of the built-in filter. The water used for brewing should be about 200 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum flavor extraction. If you use hotter water, the brew will taste burnt. Also, if you use cooler water, there will be under-extraction, which will result in a water-down and flavorless brew.


How to Use a Coffee Infuser – Simple Recipe

When brewing coffee with an infuser, we recommend using medium to coarse ground coffee. Preferably, grind your own coffee beans for a fresh-tasting brew. The extraction process of a coffee infuser is slow and requires coarse grounds for the best results. If you use fine grounds, there will be over-extraction, hence a bitter and harsh brew. Also, using fine grounds may clog the filter.


Steps to follow:

Step 1- Boil water and set it aside to cool for a few seconds after boiling. That way, it will gain the optimum temperature for brewing coffee with an infuser, which is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2- And ground 1 tablespoon of ground coffee into the filter basket. Next, add hot water to your cup or mug.

Step 3- Insert the coffee infuser stick into the cup containing hot water.

Step 4- Twist the coffee infuser stick in the water for a few seconds. Allow it to steep for at least 4 minutes. You can increase the strength of the brew by twisting the infuser throughout the brewing time.

Step 5- Remove the coffee infuser by pulling it out of the cup.

Step 6- Enjoy your coffee.

Remember to clean your infuser after every use. You can empty the used grounds by removing the filter basket and pouring the grounds into your composter or bin. Oil residue and coffee grounds left on the filter and carafe can introduce bitterness into your brew. Thus, clean it up for fresh-tasting brews all the time.


Can I Make Coffee With a Tea Infuser?

If you do not have a coffee infuser, you can use a tea infuser to make coffee. A tea infuser is designed to work like a coffee infuser. It can hold coarse coffee grounds inside the filter and can be inserted into a cup of hot water to steep coffee. It works like a tea bag.


Does Coffee Made With an Infuser Taste Different?

Making coffee with an infuser requires using coarse grounds. Thus, you get a natural-tasting brew. The resultant brew is full-bodied. It is comparable to the taste of French press coffee because they work the same way. You get a more flavorful cup of coffee than using pour-over methods. Pour-over brewers use a paper filter that filters most of the coffee oils. Thus, coffee made with a coffee infuser tastes better since it allows most coffee oils into your cup.


Final Thoughts

Although a coffee infuser is not among the most common coffee brewing techniques, it gives very tasty coffee. By learning how to use a coffee infuser, you are one step closer to having the tastiest cup of coffee. Besides, it is an easy-to-use coffee brewer. As a manual coffee brewer, you can use it anywhere, including for camping and road trips.