How to Store Coffee Beans?

In this article, you’ll learn some useful tips on storing coffee beans properly.

storing coffee beans in a bag.

Buy the Amount You Can Finish

Coffee starts losing its freshness soon after roasting. It’s recommended to buy coffee beans in smaller batches, especially when buying freshly roasted beans. Buy roasted beans that you can consume within 1 or 2 weeks.

Beans shouldn’t be exposed to air. If you want to store them in attractive or accessible containers, it’ll help to divide the beans into multiple smaller portions. Keep larger, unused portions in airtight containers.

Proper storage matters a lot, especially when dealing with pre-ground beans. Pre-ground beans are more exposed to oxygen due to their larger surface area. In case you prefer buying whole beans, consider grinding only the amount you’ll use just before brewing rather than grinding the entire supply.

Store Beans in an Airtight Container and In a Cool Place

The greatest enemies of coffee beans are light, heat, moisture, and air. You can preserve coffee beans and maintain their freshness for a longer period by storing them in airtight and opaque containers. Also, the storage location should have room temperature.

Although coffee beans look attractive, avoid keeping them in clear canisters. Clear canisters allow natural light to pass through, thereby compromising their quality and taste.

Beans are best kept in a cool, dark location. For instance, a location close to the oven may be too warm for them. Also, counter locations that get direct sunlight are also too warm.

Retail coffee packaging isn’t ideal for storing beans for prolonged periods. If possible, store them in airtight storage canisters.

Can You Freeze Coffee Beans?

The quality of your brew is largely determined by the freshness of the coffee beans among other factors. Experts advise coffee to be consumed as soon as possible after roasting the beans, especially after breaking their original packaging.

Although there’re different perspectives on whether it’s right or wrong to refrigerate or freeze coffee, the main factor to consider is the hygroscopic nature of coffee. This means that they absorb moisture, tastes, and odors from the surrounding air.

Most storage containers available for home use allow a small amount of oxygen to pass through. That’s why storing food in a freezer for long periods causes freezer burn. Thus, if you freeze or refrigerate your beans, ensure the container you’re using is truly airtight.

In case you want to freeze coffee, ensure you remove the amount you need weekly and return any remaining amount to your freezer before condensing. Regardless, freezing coffee beans doesn’t change the brewing process.


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