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How to Say Coffee in Hawaiian

Many of us associate Hawaii with sandy beaches and clear azure waters. You’ve probably thought of having your dream holiday there while sipping on a tropical drink once in a while.

It’s good to note that Hawaii has much more to offer starting with their coffee!

Although you may think Hawaiians survive on Mai Tais, they enjoy drinking coffee too. It’s one of their favorite beverages. They refer to it as “kope.”

You can order filter coffee by asking for “kānana kope” or a latte by requesting a “kope keʻokeʻo .” And if you like espresso, ask for a “kopeika.”

These interesting-sounding Hawaiian words that refer to coffee give us a hint of how serious Hawaiians take coffee.

It’s no surprise because this island produces some of the best coffee in the world.

coffee in Hawaiian

Coffee production in Hawaii

The volcanoes in Hawaii are the source of most of the delicious coffee we get from there. The rich volcanic soil in this region produces robust Arabica coffee beans with exceptional flavor, aroma, and aftertaste.

Hawaii coffee beans are used to brew exceptionally flavored coffee that’s low in acidity.

The unique flavors of Hawaii coffee are the reason it earns many certifications of excellence each year. Some examples are organic and fair trade coffee certificates.

Here are examples of Hawaiian coffees you should try.

Kona Coffee: Hawaiian coffee beans grown in the Kona district that are characterized by caramel and brown sugar flavors.

Kauai Coffee: Coffee cultivated in regions located 1000 feet above sea level in Hawaii that is characterized by low acidity and mellow, smooth flavor notes.

Hamakua Coffee: Coffee beans cultivated on the slopes of Mauna Kea that brew rich, chocolatey, and smooth flavored coffee.

Moloka’i Coffee: Boldly flavored coffee grown in Maui that’s appreciated for its dark chocolate flavor notes.


The History of Hawaiian Coffee

Since Hawaii produces such fantastic coffee, you may wonder how they started growing coffee in this region in the first place.

It all began in 1825 when a Hawaiian chief imported coffee plants from Brazil to the island and planted them in Manoa valley.

In 1828, an American missionary named Samuel Ruggles introduced a Bourbon variety of coffee to Hawaii. Later on in 1892, Herman Weidemann started growing the Typica coffee variety in Hawaii.

The actions of these people formed the basis for the coffee we see growing in Hawaii today.

Despite these efforts, the culture of drinking coffee only took off in Hawaii after the soldiers came home from World War II. They had adopted a habit of consuming lots of espresso while at war and came home obsessed with coffee.

That prompted many farmers to grow coffee all over Hawaii, with each region creating its distinct coffee characterized by outstanding flavors.

Hawaii citizens have embraced coffee since then, and their coffee has become a popular beverage there and in other parts of the US.

Here’s a recipe for amazing Hawaii coffee.


How to Make Hawaiian Coffee


1/2 cup Kona coffee grounds

3 cups water

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 tbsp grated coconut

1 tbsp brown sugar


  1. Brew the coffee for 3 minutes and set it aside.
  2. Toast the grated coconuts in a saucepan.
  3. Pour the hot coffee into a coffee mug and sweeten it.
  4. Froth the coconut milk using a hand-held milk frother and add it to the coffee.
  5. Top the coffee with the toasted grated coconut.
  6. Enjoy your Hawaiian coffee.

That’s how to brew Hawaiian coffee. It’s pretty creamy and delicious. You can spice up this coffee with cinnamon, cloves, or nutmeg. Adding a shot of coffee liqueur or rum to it may also give it an extra kick.

The best coffee making for brewing Hawaii coffee beans are drip coffee making and using a French Press.



Now you know how to say coffee in Hawaii. We’ve also given you the Hawaiian words for latte and espresso coffee.

So, the next time you visit this beautiful island, you’ll know how to order your coffee.

And if you can’t make it there soon, try our Hawaii coffee recipe. You may brew this delicious coffee once in a while to give you a feeling of being on the island.

If you are looking for some Hawaiian coffee beans to buy, try Kona coffee. It has an excellent reputation worldwide for producing smooth-tasting, bold coffee.

Always check the label to ensure you buy authentic Hawaiian coffee beans.



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