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How to Read Turkish Coffee Grounds?

Ever heard of reading Turkish coffee grounds? It’s a tradition that tells the future by using coffee;

The beautiful thing about Turkish coffee is that it is not only delicious, but we can also read it like an open book.

At a glance, Turkish coffee grounds look like scribbles and random lines. But these markings are meaningful.

For centuries, Turkish coffee pots have mystified coffee drinkers. Beyond the mysterious flavor of the drinks, there is something about a Turkish coffee grounds reading, which attracts many to use this method for divination.

But not everyone has the skill to read their coffee grounds like an expert! So we’ve prepared a complete Turkish Coffee reading guide for you.

woman reading turkish coffee grounds.


An overview of the ground’s features and appearance


  1. If the cup has vague figures, it could be a dynamic person who doesn’t like to talk about him/herself or a person going through a rough time.


  1. If it’s filled with muddy figures, it means that the person has a solid plan for their future.


  1. When the Turkish coffee cup has well-defined and many small symbols, it means that the person acts methodically. It also shows an intelligent and well-informed individual who understands what they are doing in every move.


  1. If you get a cup of coffee from someone and look at the handle, you can find out a lot about the past and present of that person’s family.


  1. You should always keep in mind the size of the shapes, especially the big ones.


  1. If the grounds in the coffee cup are a dark brown color and opaque, it suggests that you’re a person with a lot of self-confidence.


  1. When the ground is translucent and light-colored, it shows that the person is upset and not satisfied emotionally. In terms of personality, they are pretty emotional, and intuitive by nature.


  1. Starting to read Turkish coffee is a bit overwhelming; it is okay. You will not pick up everything from the beginning, but as you grow more adept and gain experience, you will read it with ease.


  1. The symbols on coffee grounds are interconnected. You need to link them to one another to reach a coherent conclusion regarding the cup’s message about the person you’re reading.


  1. The more you practice, the better you’ll be able to identify and decipher the meaning of the coffee grounds symbols


Ground symbols and their meanings from A to Z:

Here is an A-Z list of Turkish coffee ground symbols and what they mean.


A light-brown complexion: someone who has blonde hair

A doctor: a sick person

Anchor: depending on its location – If the symbol is at the top of a cup, it’s an indication of romance, but if it is at the bottom of the cup, it indicates a trip.

Angel: wonderful news, great message

Apple: Successful work

Arrow: Something bad may happen.

Ax: Troubles are likely to arise soon

Baby: you will encounter a few important worries

Bagpipe: you will not get results that you expect

Balloon: worries might happen in the next few days

Bayonet: a bit of misfortune

Bear: you will soon go on a trip

Bee: good omen, you will achieve victory, good news

Bell: a surprise piece of news, either positive or negative

Binoculars: not the best for keeping secrets

Bird: wonderful news is coming your way

Boat: an enjoyable trip/a journey

Book: You will complete the work successfully.

Boots: you will get relief from your troubles

Bouquet: you will receive joy and happiness

Bridge: a barrier/mental problem that is preventing you from reaching the success you deserve

Building: you are about to start a new life

Butterfly: unpredictable, or uncontrollable behavior/ situation

Camel: Some good news is coming; all is well

Cancer: there is a ruthless enemy within, be cautious

Candle: others will help you

Car: You will achieve outstanding success or have a great luck

Castle: let down, disappointment, things will not work well

Chair: A surprise visitor will visit you

Chariot: deception, disappointment, things will not go well

Cherry: you will find satisfaction in work

Claw: be wary of lurking/hidden enemies

Clown: you will have fun and new friends

Comet: a surprise visitor

Crutches: There’s no shame in asking for help from a close friend to overcome a difficult situation

Cup: you are a youthful, thoughtful, reliable, trustworthy, and generous person

Devil: it shows that you are emotionally depressed, unsatisfied,

Door: an odd experience coming your way soon.

Dove: If you want to improve yourself, you’ll need to make sacrifices

Dragon: your wishes are destined to be fulfilled

Eagle: A significant change in your life is on the horizon

Eggs: you are bound to make progress and excellent success

Elephant: In the future, you will be successful

Engine: Get the latest news

Eye: You have challenges ahead.

Face: If you want to have more fun, change your life.

Fish: an indication that you will be fortunate.

Fox: You have faith in people who are not genuine friends.

Frog: You’ll have a more prosperous life if you live in a different place.

Fruit: If you use your time well, you will make progress.

Gate: The future is bright, and you will be able to reach the goals you strive for.

Giraffe: It’s best to give a little thought to what you’re going to say before you say it.

Glove: Significant challenges to your success face you today, and meeting them will require great sacrifice.

Gondola: you have an excellent opportunity to travel and romance at the same time.

Goose: You’re able to find a perfect solution to the problem, even though there are many things you should do.

Gramophone: you will have pleasure and happy life

Grasshopper: expect news from people who are far abroad

Gun: you should be careful because danger or bad news is coming to you

Hand: You will make new friends.

Hat: there is a lot of trouble in your way, possibly even an accident.

Hoe: If you work hard, you will be a successful

Horse: you will soon meet someone who is highly romantic

Iceberg: There is a hidden danger that could harm you. Be cautious

Initials: You already know that person, but you need to be sure.

Insect: you will encounter minor worries or inconvenience

Kangaroo: you have peace and happiness in yourself

Key: you already have a solution to the problems you are facing

King: You will achieve splendid success, and you will feel invincible because you are stronger than you think

Knife: if it is at the bottom, it means there will be a critical issue in your relationship, possibly

leading to a breakup. If it is at the top, it means you are about to face a trial

Leopard: you will receive great news from abroad soon

Line: If the line is clear, simple, and smooth, then it means you are making progress in life, or you will travel soon: if the line is unclear, complicated, or twisted, then that means you are about to face disappointment or disruptions in your life

Mask: deception intended to cheat you of something is in the offing

Medal: you will receive recognition for your hard work and exceptional performance in the society

Monster: you have a fear of the unknown within you. Also, you may suffer some violence in the near future

Moon: This is an excellent time to relax and enjoy some quality time with someone you love.

Mountain: you have noble ambition, which comes with substantial reward and great sacrifice

Mouse: you will have a minor problem, but you will solve everything soon.

Music notes: there would be a significant turning point in your life/ a considerable opportunity is coming.

Nails: you will be involved in a lot of property disputes or injustice

Net: be cautious of distractions that will steal your time and prevent you from being productive

Ostrich: there is a long trip in your future, you need to prepare

Package: you will have moments of great happiness, surprise, wonder, and expectation

Paddle: Don’t be scared by the things you can’t control because someone is always there to help.

Padlock: you will be surprised by an unexpected occurrence coming your way soon

Palm: You tend to achieve success and glory through your efforts rather than through the help of others

Parachute: You will soon be able to escape from the trouble in your life

Parrot: you will be involved in some scandal if you travel

Peacock: You’ll be wealthy and proud of your heritage.

Personality: If your coffee grounds are close to the handle, it means someone is visiting you soon

Pig: you will have great wealth, good health, prosperity, and you will achieve your goals

Pillar: you have great potential for advancement in your current career, aspirations, goals, and dreams.

Pine: you will take part in an essential event in the winter

Player: There is a contradiction between how you had hoped things would turn out and what you have achieved

Police officer: An enemy lurks in the shadows, but someone else may do something about it.

Postal sign: The symbols around something notable are often as important as what’s notable itself.

Pot: If you’re looking for advice, it’s worth consulting those who know you well.

Profile: you will soon meet new friends

Pump: You like to give gifts, especially practical ones, to people that you care about

Purse: you are making a good deal of money, and you better invest some of it

Rabbit: you are an economical, caring person with a positive outlook on life

Railroad: you will soon go on a long journey

Rat: you will incur significant losses or damages if you are not careful

Raven: you may have to face some complex challenges, death, illness, or miscarriage in the near future

Reptile: your friends can disappoint you; you should be wary of how much value they’re offering

Ring: If a ring symbol is at the bottom of your Turkish coffee grounds, it means you will get married. If it is in the middle, it means you’ll be offered a job.

Rose: you will be popular

Sheep: you will have good luck and fortune in the future

Shell: you are soon getting good news

Skeleton: you are engaged in some projects or activities that are a total waste of money and resources.

Snake: there is an enemy closer to you. Be cautious in life

Spider: opportunities are all around you; it’s just a matter of putting them together.

Star: you need good health to achieve great wealth

Stick: there is a visitor is looking for you

Stone: you are surrounded by difficulties, problems, and barriers

Sun: If you see the sun in the Turkish coffee grounds, it symbolizes you have the strength and happiness to achieve your goals

swan: smooth advancement

sword: things will not work out to your expectations or favor

Teapot: you need to break from your busy schedule and create time to relax and hang out with friends

Telescope: you have an excellent opportunity to explore the world

Tent: you need time to travel and camp out

tree: you have the potential and strength to fulfill your ambitions

Triangle: If you see a triangle on your coffee grounds, it means that something unexpected will happen to you. If the shape of the triangle points up, success is expected, and if it’s pointed down, expect misfortune.

Violin: If you spot a violin shape in your Turkish coffee grounds, it points to a selfish person

Volcano: your emotions are out of control, and it could negatively damage your life

Waterfall: there was a lot of love, success, and joy in your life.

Whale: your hard work will pay off, which is why you will succeed.

Window: The fate of your future friendship depends on whether the Turkish coffee grounds symbol window is open or closed. If it is open, that means good luck and joy with some friends. But if it is shut, that means some disappointment with a friend or two.

Woman: a woman is in your life and you are enjoying her company

Wreath: If you see a wreath in your Turkish coffee grounds, it foretells that you will achieve a great victory or other great success

Zebra: an overseas adventure can be an essential part of your life.



We are always looking for ways to see into the future, particularly when it comes to Turkish Coffee Grounds.

For thousands of years, many have believed that Turkish grounds can reveal the future, but only if you know how to read them.

When you drink it, you may have noticed how the grounds settle in the cup with a particular pattern.

At first glance, these patterns appear like a jumbled mess of lines and circles. But you can easily predict the future with a bit of experience in reading them. You can learn how to read Turkish coffee grounds.

Turkish coffee is not your average cup of joe; it’s a way of life. They have a lot of different meanings. You can tell a person’s gender and job, wealth, health, prosperity, success, enemy, and even the quality of their marriage.

What is your take? Do you believe that you can tell what your future holds just by looking at the grounds of Turkish coffee?


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